Last minute

Ollie asked several last minute questions  :-

A lot of what you and Grimly do seems to have a vibe very similar to what they’re doing over at the House of Gord. Is Gord one of your sources of inspiration? What’s your opinion of H.o.G.?

This girl doesn’t really see any similarities here to House of Gord, since Gord’s stuff is mostly forniphilia  and there is not that much of it here. It’s something this girl and Grimly are into but not to the same extent, and certainly not the only thing! Gord has nothing like the dentist chair or brainwashing masks that Grimly has made. House of Gord is a pay site out there to make money, and with the money to do it in a very finished manner with paid bondage models (some of which this girl wouldn’t mind getting her hands on 😉 . What Grimly and this girl do is for fun and love and not about money. Some of Gord’s ideas are very enviable such as the femcar and so on…but no, Gord is not a source of inspiration, envy perhaps sometimes, but not so much inspiration. Grimly and this girl take their inspirations from all sorts of places, sometimes from bondage sites, but also from the medieval and clinical  genres of play, cartoons, drawings, stories all sorts of things. It’s a mish-mash of all sorts of things rather than trying to emulate particular persons that have the resources to do it professionally.

some people, when doing master and slave roleplay, insist on the submissive referring to themself in the third person, e.g. “Mistress, this slave is ready for his punishnent” vs.”I am…”.I wondered since you adopted that a sometimes-third-person writing style on your blog if that’s (ever) a convention that you and Grimly use.

‘This girl’ is something only used in writing for the blog. It sort of started out as a joke because she had a blog on IC that people knew was her and she wanted an anonymous one. From the content Grimly knew straight away that his girl had written it. It was also partly an in-joke as well neither Grimly or thisgirl are gorean. She adopted this style of writing as it originally helped to be more introspective from the inside looking out and then it stuck and now its too late! If she were to use it in speech Grimly would get sick of it after about five minutes! Grimly and this girl generally don’t speak that much during play at least not in a formal manner.

Since you’re in a “24/7 lifestyle” relationship, does Grimly ever insist on BDSM or D&S play when you’re not in the mood for it? If so, how does that work out? I’m sure that an empathic “no” on your part would waive him off or at least mean that you could offer him a raincheck for later, but what about a no-real-excuse-just-not-in-the-mood time when he wants to slap the handcuffs and gag on you?

This girl and Grimly have been together now around about 6 years. There is always going to be another time. From experience, it’s been found that if one or both are not fully in the mood playing is a waste of time and not at all satisfying. This girl and Grimly are not 24/7 either, not ever will be in the way most people define that. Apart from anything else at present there is a 200 mile distance and this girl has a job and other commitments too which mean she is most definitely not at his beck and call 24 hours a day and never will be . However it lingers there in the background, she always wears the collar and it’s always in the back of her head but it’s not as though she’s micro managed it wouldn’t work at all. It does for a lot of people, but not here. Grimly’s generally never forced playing on this girl, it would turn him off to have to do that, of course sometimes he’ll want to play with something she doesn’t particularly like but that’s different lol. Essentially this girl and Grimly are a loving couple who have the kink and the BDSM as a sort of ‘extra’ to their relationship but have other interests as well and can spend time together without it being kink. It would be very wrong if that were not the case.

Lastly, have you ever been turned over to another dom(me) where Grimly wasn’t involved in their play with you? Alternately, have you and Grimly ever “babysat” someone else’s submissive overnight?

Not as such. Really the only sort of close example is JG Leathers when he put this girl in the creature, but this girl wasn’t so much turned over to him, Grimly was still there as well. For the most part there are very few other doms this girl would want to play with , and by the same token, very few that Grimly would allow. This girl’s ex had a thing about ‘whoring her out’ and swinging from both a bdsm perspective and a sexual one luckily Grimly is not into that whatsoever, this girl is unsure what so many peoples’ obsession is with playing with as many people as possible, what’s wrong with finding the right person and sticking with that ? 😉

Babysitting – not really, there have been other couples at Grimly’s that we’ve played with (not sexually just bdsm) but not really any women by themselves. Maybe in the future, who knows, besides Grimly will be looking for a new job soon , perhaps that could be it 😉 Plus this girl likes the ladies so she doesn’t have a problem with that!

3 thoughts on “Last minute

  1. My questions answered, my curiousity sated, I once again can resume living a healthy, productive life.

    I think the “Gord” connection came from the images of ponyplay, the spandex outfit and some of the more over-the-top bondage and forced orgasm stuff…not to mention the forniphilia element of the birthday cake incident. And of course, like Grimly, Gord fabricates his own stuff.

    I’ll have more out-of season questions I’m sure, but for a little while I’ll hang back and give others a chance!

  2. Do you know, apart from ‘liking the Ladies’ those would be our answers as well !!
    We rarely talk when Mrs KC is in her bondage and I never call her Mrs KC , just her christian name !!

    Great blog btw

    x KC

  3. no problem Ollie. The cake stand idea was actually from a drawing i found, though i think some of Gord’s ideas are from art too. Though the only thing is a lot of things in art are really difficult in life lol.

    aww KC its a shame Mrs is shy and un bi curious i wouldnt say no to being tied up next to her!

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