Question Master

Here is a sort of interview with Grimly made up from questions people asked when these were invited a few months ago and from this month’s Q&A with some others thrown in….

How were you first introduced to BDSM?

Through magazines and articles particularly in ‘Forum’ magazine. My first real life encounter was when I was 18 and invited to a private party by a friend.

Do you think it had always been a part of you, if so what do you think your earliest inspirations can be traced back to

I was always drawn to articles in Forum that had a BDSM theme so i guess it has always been a part of me. Probably i remember my sister had a book of fairy tales and there was some really good bondage illustrations in there that i can remember which is a bit bizarre. I suppose that i always had a liking for strange things, and always like science fiction and horror and things like that

Did it take you a long time to accept that what these deep, perhaps hidden desires were OK?

Never had any guilt about anything – ever!

What does being a dom mean to you?

Probably not that much its just part of who i am i am not one of those people who can take it or myself particularly seriously its all about having fun.

How did you meet you first ever play partner/

At a private party

What did you first think of me when we met

I thought you were going to be fun, you had a twinkle in your eye and i thought here comes trouble. lol

What things turn you on the most? has that changed over time?

Techno-sex and yes it has changed over time since things have got much more complicated as I have learnt more things.

How do you feel putting me into a situation/

*evil laugh*

Grimly rigs this girl up into the plank bed at JG Leathers' place

How do you think things are different now to when you were first on the scene./

things were a lot more intimate when i first started it was groups of people who knew each other pre-internet so you needed to know somebody, internet has made it a lot easier for people to find each other but it has also brought a lot of complete muppets out of the woodwork.

What was the first thing you made

A pair of leather cuffs with buckles. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Grimly adjusts the frame he made at the scrapheap challenge

Which of your inventions are you the most proud of

“The Chair” is what I am most proud of all with all the systems that are integrated into it such as vacuum,estim,video mask, restraint , breath control. There is probably nothing else that comes close as a one stop thrill ride

The chair - shown here with video mask,electrics and fuck machine

How far do you think we can go with this bDSM thing before we run out of ideas

can’t see us running out of ideas only space and money.

running a race but not running out of ideas!

Where do you get so many of your great ideas? And how do you know how to build and create everything?

inspiration comes from so many different sources that it would take too long to list them all but to give you some idea old science fiction films, the internet , books, because i can visualize things from words and i ‘m a  trained engineer so it’s just a question of using the skills i have to create the things I do.

Are any of your devices based off Arduino or other DIY maker friendly products?

i havent used arduino to date but i have looked at it in the past and it’s quite likely that i will use it when I start to integrate some of the chair systems so that they can be computer controlled.

We’ve always wonder how the bra design works – guessing toilet plungers with copper plates inside, connected to an aquarium pump in reverse? (I hope our wild guesses cause a chuckle)

Very wide of the mark it is a bit more sophisticated than that. The only bit you got right was the sink plungers.and yes your guess did give me a chuckle.

torture vac bra with electrics built in

Do you have any bondage, restraint, or other dreams/fantasies that you wish to have fulfilled? Can you describe them?

Yes and no. Time will tell.

Do you regret any of the things and scenes you’ve done, or do you worry that others may think you’re completely strange?

no everything i have done to date i have thoroughly enjoyed and have no guilt about any of it whatsoever. what other people think of me is up to them and I will not lose one iota of sleep over it.

I know you’ve got access to a lot of pretty seriously intentioned equipment, but what piece(s) do you not have, and would like to?

i would like to be able to get hold of a length of perspex tube big enough to put someone inside.

Is there anything about the BDSM scene you could live without/


What would you say to people trying to emulate you/

fill you boots but make sure you know what you’re doing because some of this is dangerous.

Have you even been a sub? Would you try it for the experience or is it totally alien to you?

I started as a sub and i quite enjoyed it but my imagination outgrew the people i was playing with, i somtimes miss it but i am a victim of my own success and i am not sure that anybody in their right mind would take me on as a sub!

Some of us geeky lurkers would love to see how to articles, we’re planning a few of our own – particularly of the genre of DIY or affordable toys. Thanks!

at some point when i have a bit more time i may do this however apart from creating all this stuff i also hold down a full-time job and i don’t have a lot of spare time. You can see what I have to deal with in what time I have! 😉

Anything else to say?

The most important thing in BDSM is to have fun and be around people who make you feel good, everything else just bells and whistles (albeit rather weirdly sophisticated and technical ones in my case!)

insane but fun 🙂

Thanks to everyone that participated in the March Q&A and in Grimly’s questions.

7 thoughts on “Question Master

  1. Wow! Your master sounds like one of a kind!! 😉 wish I could trade places with you for a day!

  2. Great hearing from the other half here. It would be interesting to have an occasional blog post from Grimly as well. As nice as it is to hear what is inside the sub head from thisgirl, it would be interesting to hear some thoughts put down from the man at the controls from time to time.

  3. Julie, for the sake of humanity its just as well! be careful what you wish for!

    Tim, Grimly is more a man of action than words but will do what i can to encourage him to write again !

  4. O.o agreed with that phrase “be careful what you wish for” I’m second guessing my wish now!! Haha!!

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