Embryos of kink

This girl has never really agreed with people who say they are born kinky. She is more of the opinion that it is something that is maybe there a little but needs the right combination of people and experience to bring it out to its full potential.

This girl can tell you for fact that there was no kink around in her childhood and there was no sort of distressing episode that turned her like this.

But something did. Not anything bad, just fantasies, dreams and imagination. This girl has always had a pretty vivid imagination πŸ˜‰

Looking back, this girl can quite honestly say that when she was new to BDSM and fetish she was pretty much like a baby or a child. Impressionable. Β It’s so easy to be wide-eyed about everything and to be over-excitable and eager. Sometimes this is dangerous, since it can lead to errors of judgement in important choices such as who to submit to and who to surrender everything to. There’s a lot more information and guidance out there now, since places like fetlife and submissive guide have grown, but what can be learnt from reading about things can easily be forgotten by the excitement of the moment and by thinking that your dreams are going to come true. It’s likely that can be said regardless of what age you are this can be the case if you are new. Someone who is 30 with 10 years experience may be a lot wiser and less impressionable than someone who is 45 and new to it all. Experience of people, not only of play and role means a lot more than age.

The best thing is to find a dom (or partner) who can guide that curiosity and eagerness carefully, however the responsibility of this is not only on the man, it’s important to have some self-discipline as well. Easy to say retrospectively πŸ˜‰

This girl has been lucky that she has had Grimly to sort of guide her impressionability and imagination and whatever she was, what she is now is mostly because of him. It took this girl a long time to actually trust him given what she had been through before but it’s led to a great deal of adventures and also a lot more confidence as well that she might not have had otherwise.

Even a masochist wants to be cared for, protected and loved πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Embryos of kink

  1. Well said!

    I would even argue that: Especially a masochist wants to be cared for, protected and loved πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve never really bought into the “born kinky” thing, either. I never knew about any of this stuff, outside of jokes in movies and such, until I read about it on the internet. I think people can be more open to new experiences, but I’d doubt even that’s from birth. I read about the experiences of a masochist on a blog many years ago and wondered what the big deal was. I found out in short order.

    Perhaps one can be a born again kinkster?

    hugs, Daniela

  4. Spooky, until i read about it on the internet i thought i was odd and twisted, and then i realized i was even more odder and twisted than i had thought . i think you’re right perhaps its a born again thing, i think certainly discovering this aspect of stuff can change perspectives a lot.

    thanks Daniela πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. While we’re all certainly heavily influenced by our environments and our experiences, especially our early ones – and I’m no exception in that regard – I honestly think that I was actually born kinky.

    There was nothing in my early childhood more kinky than the occasional (and decidedly non-sexual) image of Tonto being tied up by rustlers on an old episode of the Lone Ranger, and yet I fantasized about what I now know to be fantasies of bondage and power exchange from even before I was in kindergarten.
    In later childhood there were the slightly more overt and sexual images of Wonder Woman or the Invisible Girl being restrained in my comic books, but that was about it.
    Still, the fantasies persisted and expanded, even before puberty.AFTER puberty — whoa, mama. I went off the charts in my kinky urges.

    I’ve tried from time to time over the years to extinguish or repress my kinky side but it’s obvious now that’ never going to happen. My wife has long since retired as a kinkster and is completely happy with a very vanilla lifestyle and sex life, and I sincerely wish I could put the kink behind me to make us more compatible, but I simply can’t, despite a lot of social pressure to do so.

    I’d equate kinkiness to being gayin many regards: some of us are born that way, some of us lean that way, some of us are curious/experimental, and some of us who were on the fence land on one side or the other after being nudged by our experiences.

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