Tiptoeing around the situation

Daniela Asked :

Have you ever done any predicament bondage with ballet boots? Like walking on a treadmill with your arms in a single glove? Or simply standing with a rope around your neck? (Not in earnest, I mean, the rope should be connected to the wall by a thin piece of thread; though without you knowing that

Have you ever been out in the open, wearing a single glove?

And is it right, that you will not take a ball gag with you to the lonely island? It was not on your list. Maybe you don’t like ball gags?

This girl has had ballet boots a very long time. A pair of ballet boots were the first thing Grimly bought this girl very early on in the relationship sort of cementing the idea that she would be his regular submissive for a very long time.

They have been used in all sorts of predicament bondage scenarios but also for overall effect as well seen as they often just sort of help finish off an image.   The following is one of this girl’s favourite pictures showing her ballet boots, shown together with an armbinder, hood and electrics in a sort of hogtie.

This girl hasn’t so far used the ballets on a treadmill, but she has used her pony boots on one. As you can see from the picture the bondage was extremely complex and secure and this girl had no option but to move in time with the machine. In case it ‘s not clear in the pictures the hoof boots do not have heels, but do have horseshoes and are very clompy!

A lot of the play this girl and Grimly do involves certain predicaments – for instance the stand he made for his birthday cake ensured this girl got electrocuted if she didn’t keep still.  However, this girl’s favourite type of predicament bondage is most definitely the wooden pony, which is shown here also with the tower of pain.  This particular one is electrified though Grimly does also have a non-electric version.  The way it works is that it is raised on chains to a point where this girl has to stand on tiptoes to avoid too  much pressure being exerted on certain sensitive areas, knowing that eventually she will fail. In the picture her body moving around as her feet tiptoed to find a not exactly comfortable but less painful position on the pony had the knock on effect of making her nipples jiggle and hurt due to the tower of pain also fastened around her. This girl is not sure why she likes medieval type devices so much…but there is just something that is such a turn on and such a head fuck from the modern versions that Grimly has created.

Regards outdoor bondage, this girl doesn’t recall wearing a single-glove in public but she has done pony play outdoors and also the odd ‘commando’ bondage shoot like the one in the ‘showing face’ post last week. Hopefully Grimly and this girl will squeeze in more outdoor bondage during the summer and also on holiday since they are going to Folsom this year and there showing off in bondage is pretty much expected! So watch this space! 🙂

Well, regards the desert island, what’s the point of taking a gag if no one can hear her apart from one evil bastard who completely lacks any sort of merciful feelings anyway? It’s like that old proverb about a tree falling in the wood when no one is there.

This girl doesn’t mind gags so much sometimes it helps her stop any protests that she might otherwise make, it takes the choice of speech completely away and it seems to make him even more sadistic.

It seems to be the more immobile this girl is and the less able she is to protest about her predicaments the more evil and twisted he gets….possibly not all that surprising 😉

2 thoughts on “Tiptoeing around the situation

  1. You have worn an armbinder in public although not outdoors TG. The very first time we met, you happily wore my blue armbinder jacket around the BBB. And such a gorgeous sight you looked as well.

    Of course, I’ll have a couple of goodies packed in my bag for Fulsom as well, if Grimly runs out of ideas (not likely but we can dream still).

  2. i’d almost forgotten that though i think i’d took the question as meaning outdoors. I need to speak to you about that jacket however as i have a new friend that i think might happily let me tie her up in it and let you take pics lol.

    Are you sure you’re on safe ground there suggesting Grimly might run out of ideas? I think you may find yourself locked in the charity whipping post if you’re not careful!

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