The story so far…

Steven asked : i was reading about a girl being left by her husband and she slept by the side of the misstress for the night how can i get the full storries to read please

The answer is right HERE. The following is all of the story to date, there may or may not be more! Since it’s sort of in this girl’s head….waiting perhaps for the right inspiration…less talking and more action you know 😉 lol


Here are the four instalments as one.

ANNA had been submissive for some time. To her boyfriend, Peter, but never to anyone else. She knew that he fantasised about being able to give her to someone else. To be  loaned out. To be used by someone else. Because she was his and if he truly owned her then he could do such a thing. Deep down the idea turned her on as well, though she had this niggling fear of what if…what if that person took things too far, or did something her master did not approve of, or worse, what if they turned her on more than he did.

She never thought that such a thing might ever happen. She never expected Peter would find someone that would cater to that fantasy without wanting a relationship or even a pro wanting payment. But he had told her that he had now found such a person. Anna had been thinking about what might happen whilst sitting in the car driving there. Peter hadn’t said a word to her for three hours. The occasional glance really said everything that needed to be said. Looks of love, and of lust.

The preparation instructions had been quite specific. She was to be double plugged for the drive, so that she was turned on and ready, and hopefully, in the right frame of mind. The clothes she wore didn’t matter, since they wouldnt be staying on.

Peter pulled into the driveway of the address he had been given. The key conveniently under the flowerpot. He opened the door half expecting it to creak behind him like some haunted house. But it wasn’t .It actually looked very normal.

There was a letter on the mat with his name on it. It instructed him to take Anna upstairs and to prepare her for her fate.In the room he found himself furnished with the necessarily tools for his task. The first instruction was to cut off her clothing with a knife. He allowed her first to remove her plugs since something else would soon be there and then took his time gently teasing her skin with the blade as her blouse and skirt fell to the floor when they were cut. He wanted to take her right there and then. But there was no time to do so , if he stayed a minute longer than instructed then it might ruin the plan. Anna shivered, naked, save but for the collar which she was allowed to wear to remind her of her place and her submission to her Master.

He was next to dress her. First he was to put on the boots – elegant ballet boots so that from that point she would not be able to walk – or at least – not far. And then, once she was kneeling he was to put on the armbinder jacket. It was partly a jacket since it came to her waist, but it had openings for her breasts and kept her arms firmly behind her back. He bound it tightly, but ensured that she was as comfortable as she was going to be. He had then been instructed to hook the tail of the binder to the suspension chain so that her arms would be stretched back, her head forward, in a very submissive postion. Her legs apart, her knees kept apart with a spreader bar.

He was then instructed to put a rubber hood on her, since she would not be seeing her torturer.

The hood was made up of different parts that clipped onto it, so that it could be used with or without a blindfold and with or without various gags. A gag wasn’t required for the moment. But the blindfold was. At that point, Peter kissed Anna goodbye and left the room.  He had been told to go to another address where he would (if he chose) be able to watch some of the action enfold. He was told he wouldnt be beamed it all. But he would be shown some. And, at other times that she would be wearing video goggles that would be showing images of him sitting there whilst she was being tortured. So his reaction would add to her thrill. It certainly put a different edge on big brother! Anna felt slightly reassured knowing that he would see some of the goings on, and felt an element of safety.

Peter left the room.

Anna could hear a clock ticking. Minutes and hours seemed to passed though realistically it was not at all very long. Her arms began to ache from the bondage, the dull ache of pins and needles creeping up her arms. She wanted to speak out but she didn’t want to let him down, and she did not want the stranger to think that she was weak.

Someone was watching. There was someone else in the room. After some time had passed Anna heard their footsteps approach her and felt a hand lift up her chin as if to inspect her bound face. The hand then began caressing her breasts and tweaking her nippes. The skin felt soft. She felt another hood being put on top of her face with tubes attached, breathing tubes. She panicked a little, but the touch of the stranger seemed to give reassurance. She could breathe quite adequately through the tubes. But she could smell something, she could smell something distinctly female.

This was not at all what she was expecting. Was it the smell of her own cunt she was breathing, since she could feel its wetness. Or was it someone elses, was it both? It smelt musky but incredibly erotic. As the stranger carressed her breasts and played with her nipples Anna was sure she was at the mercy of another woman. In a way she felt suprised since she was expecting Peter had wanted her to be penetrated by another man, but maybe then he didn’t. Maybe that had never been his plan.

The stranger seemed conscious of Anna’s bondage and decided to release her arms, taking them out of the suspension carefully and allowing the feeling to flow back and the blood rush to take over.

She felt a leash being attached to her collar and then found her mask was being changed this time for one of a very unusual shape. The stranger allowed Anna to explore the new mask and Anna felt a nose, and floppy ears. It was a puppy face! Led onto all fours she then felt her anus being intruded with a plug, a tail for her to wag. She was given puppy foot and hand mitts to wear. She was led around by all fours on the leash, but whenever hesitant , felt an electric shock to her plugged bottom since the tail was electrified.

Somehow the humiliation made her so much wetter. She hoped the mystery woman would perhaps fuck her or do something to her cunt to allow her to orgasm but it wasn’t to be. For a while the lady was content to play with her new pet, teaching her tricks making her chase the ball. But it seemed this was all quite tame for what was then going to happen next.

After some time, Anna was taking out of the puppy gear and helped up into a medical chair. The only part of her previous bondage remaining was the base section of her bondage hood and her electric butt plug with the tail extension removed.

The bondage was tight. She couldn’t move an eyelid. Her hands, arms, breasts, feet, legs…all tightly strapped. Her legs were forced apart in medical stirrups which reminded her of a gynaecologists visit. There were now also electrodes on her nipples. A gas mask come helmet was now placed over head it had a video screen built into it. She could breathe find and could see…her Master.

She had no way of knowing whether at this point he could see her or not. But , either way he was watching something and it seemed to interest him. He looked deep in thought, and aroused. His hand on his cock. Anna for a moment, wished that it was inside her, how erotic it would be to be fucked whilst having her butt and nipples zapped and how her cunt would just swallow him up. She felt drawn to look at his cock and nothing else, and then, she felt one being put inside her. Though it wasn’t real. A dildo, cold , plastic, ridged. Quite big. Further electrodes were placed on her inner thighs caused a shock to ripple across her clit. The dildo began to move. A fuck machine. Slowly going in and out of her as she watched her Master’s hand take his cock out of his trousers. She felt guilt. She felt humiliation that she was being turned on by his cock but also by the tortures of this mystery woman. The electricity intensified, her body twitched with the sensation, the thrust of the machine getting more violent, faster, deeper. As though it was a fuck. Yet, she wanted to orgasm over and over and not just once. The sensations of her orgasms rippled over her body somehow combating the pain just a little, but not quite enough as endorphins themselves took over her body. She wanted to scream but she didn’t want to surrender either. The camera zoomed on his cock. Part of her wanted to see if watching her torture would make him cum. Part of her wanting him to save it for her. what would he do? What would she do? Her body now writhed in pain her nipples ached, her cunt felt as though it could not take one more orgasm…but perhaps there would be just one left.

And then…the pain stopped. A moment relief. The stranger gradually brought Anna round, removed the mask, undid the buckles forming the bondage.Anna kept her eyes closed.

Part of her wanted to see the fantasy stranger, but then she was afraid too that it would make it more real, less of a fantasy and less of a dream than it had been up to that point.

She decided to look. The woman was actually about her own age, long brown hair, brown eyes. She wasn’t wearing anything particularly ‘dominant’ just feminine.

‘so…, ‘ she said ‘you need to choose what you want to do next, do you want to come to bed with me or do you want to please your Master? You can go and beg him with your choice if you like, he’s downstairs, but if you choose me you stay the night. And he doesn’t. And who knows what might happen…..

ANNA pondered her choice. Did she really have a choice? She had to think about what her owner wanted but also she had feelings and desires of her own. She had always tried to act as she thought a submissive should, by putting her dominant first. She knew he was downstairs, horny as hell and that he might want to go home to play with her , but she knew also that he would be pleased with her if she were able to endure whatever the mystery lady wanted to do to her.

She went downstairs and knelt beside Peter.

‘I’m not sure what I should do” she said, “what do you want? If i stay with her i don’t want you to be disappointed that we wont have tonight together, and yet I don’t want to take the more obvious route and go home either” she sighed, “i just don’t want you to be disappointed with me’. Anna cast her eyes to the ground and started to fidget. “Look up at me.  You could not be a disappointment to me,” Peter told her, “I want you to stay, but I want you to show me how much you want that, and I want to frustrate your lady friend as much as I want to frustrate you! Look what i have laid out for you for bedtime, because she has another thing coming if she thinks she can torment me with more finesse than me!”

Anna looked at the objects laid out on the  sofa. Peter had already worked out what was going to be happening that night. No doubt the lady upstairs knew too. Or some of it. Or at least that Anna would be staying. If the lady didn’t know what Peter was about to do it would make her very angry!

The objects were two things that Anna hated, a third that she loved and a fourth that was still in an unidentifiable package. The object she loved was her favourite hood. A soft, lace up leather hood that came with interchangeable gags. Anna struggled with keeping quiet and in the zone during torment at the best of times, but with this hood she was always instantly there. It almost transported her to another place, out with reality where she could relax and feel herself spinning with whatever pain and pleasure was then inflicted upon her body. The other two items were an inflatable butt plug and a stainless steel chastity belt. She hated the belt with a passion, because whenever Peter put it on her she felt like some depraved sex toy, turned on so exotically and yet unable to get herself in any sort of situation where sex or sexual pleasure would happen. It was so frustrating. The belt always aroused him too, yet he seemed to have the self control not to take her out of it unless he was satisfied it had been on for however long he had promised to keep her tormented for.  There was another box on the sofa though too, and Anna had no idea what was in that. The thought that he intended to fill her ass as well whilst ensuring that her cunt would already be soaked from the feelings chastity gave her was pretty terrifying.

‘Here’s how it’s going to work’ Peter informed, ‘i will get you dressed up into the items you see here and then you will pleasure me, and, depending on how quickly you can get me to orgasm will depend on how long your own predicament lasts. The other item you cannot see will have some control in that, but you won’t see what it is until it’s too late for you to do anything much about it. Of course you’ll want to please me quick because you don’t want to keep her waiting either, now do you. Certainly she’ll think you’re a dirty slut for drinking my cum for bedtime!”

Anna felt deeply embarrassed. She felt ashamed that she would be forced to see another dominant after performing such a lewd and obviously debased sexually act. But it aroused her that there was not really anything she could do about it. Peter put the hood on her first. Taking away her sight but leaving her mouth very obviously available. Her master lubed up the butt plug and inserted it into her bottom, ensuring that it fitted nice and snug as she wiggled with pain as she adjusted to the sensation of it filling her. He then removed any chance at all of her being able to edge it out by fastening the chastity belt round her waist and between her legs.

She then heard him open the mystery package, and recognized the obvious noise of a lock, albeit what seemed to be a relatively chunky one, be fitted to the chastity belt. Why had he been so secretive about a lock?? She didn’t have long to think about it though because at that point she felt him guiding her to his cock and gasped as it entered her mouth. She could feel that he had hold of the butt plug pump in her hand and she knew that she would need to work quick otherwise her ass would be stretched and tortured. She felt the plug inflate. The bastard was inflating it anyway! She fought hard to try to forget the plug was there and concentrate on pleasuring her master but it was very difficult. She tried with every ounce of effort that she could to work on him, sucking up and down, teasing his cock with her tongue. It seemed to go on for hours. Her jaw ached with being filled by his stiffness and the repetition of the task. Finally, her master moaned with pleasure as he filled her mouth at the same time as deflating her ass giving her a moment of sexual relief as he experienced his. Anna’s cunt was soaked, despite the chastity, her juices ran down her legs.

Peter stood up, and did up his fly. He then bent down and seemed to do something to adjust the lock on her belt. ‘Hmm’ he pondered, ‘you took twenty-five minutes, I think an hour for every five minutes is reasonable.” Anna heard five short bleeps followed by a sixth longer one.

“what have you done Master?” she mumbled through her hood, despite having a pretty good idea of the extent of his evil.

“It is a timed lock, Anna” he said with a certain amount of satisfaction, “it means your plug there won’t come out, and your chastity belt won’t be able to come off until the time has passed. I’m sure it will frustrate your friend upstairs! She won’t be able to do anything to remove the belt before the time has passed so she’ll have to find other ways to entertain you that don’t involve your cunt! See you in a week!”

“A week, Master?” Anna questioned, “i thought it was just for tonight?”

“no,” Peter said, “it was all agreed some time ago, you were never going to be coming home tonight, this little game was just an added mindfuck. Of course, the lock can be used again, but only I have the code for deprogramming it from whatever time is set each time its locked, so you might want to make sure she knows not to use it unless she’s sure how long she wants it locked on for!” with that Peter picked up his bags and walked out. Not with a kiss, cuddle or anything. Anna felt alone and yet aroused by her predicament. She worried though how her Mistress would view this situation. She decided she had better not keep her waiting any longer and went upstairs apprehensively to find out.

She found her lady lying on the bed in a simple black satin nightgown reading a book. She did not look amused. ‘So what kept you’ she enquired.

“I’m sorry” Anna stuttered, “my Master wanted to ensure i was appropriately dressed for you, I hope you like what he has done to me?”

“hmm”, the lady did not sound impressed “it seems your owner wants me to be very imaginative in how to have my fun with you. Well, five hours…I’m sure I can keep you constantly aroused for as long as that, and this little plug will ensure your ass will swallow up whatever I want into it come the morning. Perhaps he was just trying to be thoughtful after all!” she paused, “anyway, i have prepared some sleeping arrangements for you myself, but first I’ll take this hood off i want you to see everything that happens to you for the moment”.

With that, the mistress removed Anna’s hood and then pulled out a leather sleep sack, soft black leather, with straps and shiny buckles, and laid it out in the bed beckoning Anna to slip herself inside. Anna slipped into the sack, and allowed the mistress to strap her in, carefully ensuring that the pump of the plug slotted through the restraints for access. Anna tried to make herself comfortable. Encased in leather, plugged and controlled, it was hard! Every part of her was bondage apart from her face. She worried that her mistress would be able to smell the aroma of Anna’s arousal. She felt so humiliated at the feeling of knowing she was a bondage toy for the night.

The  mistress brushed Anna’s hair out of her face, and leant over her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Anna longed for more. She wanted more. She wanted to be able to pleasure the lady so much, and yet, only her face was available, a face that had already been used by a man. Anna felt quite cruelly used that Peter would put her in such a predicament, because if her mistress wanted pleasure that was the most likely thing that would happen ,at least till morning.

“I can taste that you’ve been used” the  mistress said, “but i think perhaps we will see if you are longing for more” with that the mistress positioned her self over Anna’s face to allow Anna to work at her clit with her tongue. It felt divine, the taste of another woman’s juice after drinking her Master’s. She felt used, she felt submissive, filthy and humiliated and yet loved every second as she tasted her lady’s orgasm.

After she was finished, her Mistress slipped under the sheets next to Anna, still encased in her sack. ‘you had better not wake me” she softly whispered in Anna’s ear, “because each time you do that plug will be inflated, and you know there’s not a thing i can do to take you out of your predicament until the time has passed. So you had better get some sleep and not make a single whisper of noise” with that she kissed Anna again, who, blissed out from her torments, began to fall asleep dreaming of what the morning would bring.

ANNA tried desperately to stay still, but felt incredibly hot and uncomfortable with the heat of the summer’s night and being next to her sleeping mistress made her feel as though she was balancing totally on the brink of somewhere between ecstasy and cruel torture since moving would wake up the slumbering lady and she did not know what the results of that might be.  Whilst it might just be the threat of the butt plug being inflated, it might be more as well.  She didn’t like to think of how much Peter putting her in the chastity belt all night might have annoyed her Mistress, but then, Anna was the only one sleeping uneasily. Her mistress slept soundly beside her and she was sure Peter was fast asleep wherever he was as well.

Even if Anna wanted to move , she couldn’t move very much, being bound in the sleepsack prevented that. She tried to wiggle her fingertips to allow a bit more blood to flow into her hands but that was all the movement she could make with the limitations of the bondage. She could almost reach the cold steel chastity belt with her fingers but it was no use even if she could get that inch nearer towards it her clit and vagina were safely locked away. She was embarrassed at the thought of how she would feel when her mistress noticed the dampness of the sleepsack. Despite the chastity, in fact, possibly, because of the chastity, Anna was very turned on and her juices had trickled down her thighs and soaked the leather.

Her bottom felt very full, another reason for not risking disturbing her bed mate, another pump or two from the little pump which was poking out of the zip in the sleepsack would stretch her to a point that she wasn’t sure she would be able to take. Even the thought of that turned her on too, though, she hoped that she would not have to find out how much her ass could be stretched for her mistress. But perhaps there was no point hoping for or against anything since she not the slightest control over what was going to happen.

Anna tried desperately to relax,and tried not to think about that plug in her bottom, or the cold metal between her legs, or the security of the bondage, and most of all tried not to think about what was going on in the head of the lady sleeping next to her.

She tried thinking about mundane things, about work, about people she knew who lived un-tormented lives, although, was she envious of them? Despite her anxiety over her predicament she probably would not change places with anyone. Except maybe Peter. Damn him! She tried to pretend she was here out of submission for him, but she knew in her heart that she was here because it was so much more her own fantasy than just the mere act of pleasing her Master.

She tried counting sheep. Though strangely, thinking of fields and the countryside did not make her want to think of anything as boring as that. How could she? Bound and tormented as she was. It inspired her head to think up all sorts of scenarios and possibilities of things she yearned for and yet feared.

Finally she drifted off into a half-sleep, and day dreamed that she was somewhere else.

The room was oak panelled  and she could see a gallery of people looking down on her. One person ahead of her, and another to her side. Everyone was impeccably dressed, in black suits, fancy shoes and done up to the nines. She wasn’t. She was wearing a simple white dress, and no shoes. She didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear and she felt conscious of her nipples showing through the cotton of the garment. Anna may as well have been naked, feeling one hundred eyes on her, but most notably the steely grey eyes of the man right in front.

She tried to speak out , to question why she was there but for some reason she was not able to find the words. Finally, he spoke.

“you’ll find you actually know why you’re here” he said, “you are here to be judged for your failings as a submissive. you have been given the opportunity to improve yourself and yet you fidget and wish to be out of your predicament….well , perhaps you shall be given the opportunity if you can endure the alternative”

Anna tried with every ounce of courage to speak up…and finally after a moment’s uncertainty, asked ‘what’s the alternative?’

The judge replied ‘you will be taken outside, in front of everyone, and stripped. You will be bound such that your arms will be stretched above you and your legs spread. You will then be furnished with weighted clamps on your nipples and on your labia, which will also have bells on them which we shall hear ring should you move and try and avoid your punishment. You will then be caned 36 times. No warm up, nothing, you will endure it all. If you scream or protest, or if the bells ring too much you will wake up in reality and so shall your Mistress who will then deal with you I’m sure’.

Anna giggled nervously ‘but you can’t feel pain in dreams, it doesnt matter anyway’

‘how sure are you? ‘ he replied. ‘why don’t we find out? if you’re so sure that you can endure this ordeal without feeling pain and waking up then what have you to be afraid of?’

Anna tried to feel courage, and yet for some reason she knew that she was in hot water what ever way she looked at it. Her body was going to suffer whether it be consciously with her mistress or in the depths of her subconscious here. But then, it was her dream so it was her fantasy…wasn’t it??

Anna let them lead her into the courtyard without a struggle, and tried to hide her embarrassment as the cotton dress was cut from her shoulders and endeavoured not to wince as the weighted clamps with their silver bells were applied compressing her nipples and stretching her labia. Despite the torture, she felt aroused, and felt slightly empowered that she had managed to endure the ordeal this far despite the prying eyes of the crowd, the women in the crowd clearly demonstrating their disgust for the dirty slave girl.

The man who had been her judge was now also to deliver the punishment, she felt for a moment a look of compassion in those grey eyes of his,but mixed with a sadistic sparkle.

He showed her the cane. Dark dragonwood, thick, heavy, unrelenting. It would be severe. He walked behind her and applied the first stroke. Anna felt her legs feel as though they wanted to buckle from her under her from the pain applied to her rear like a line of fire. The weights on the clamps swinging slightly in the breeze. Yet, somehow she managed to stand firm. She managed to stay like that as he applied each stroke. Each one getting harder, each one finding a new area of flesh to pinken. From her bottom right down her thighs, the front of her legs, her breasts, and for the last, had an assistant hold each leg in turn upwards so that he could cane the soles of her feet. The marks were spread out all over her body any part that could be caned had been, and harshly. Yet she had endured that. Despite it being a dream her body raged with the heat of the marks, her labia and nipples aching and in fear of the moment when the clamps would be released allowing the blood to rush back into her body.

It was that moment. Her tormentor came and stood in front of her, taking his hand to her wet cunt and teasing it before taking the labia clamps off, teasing her for what seemed like an eternity, fingering her, and during this moment, Anna felt the most humiliated yet. She had taken the torture and taken the punishment yet this moment of intimacy and cruel invasion in front of everyone just was beginning to be a little too much. He then moved his hands up and toyed with the clamps on her nipples, allowing them to tug and, then  he took her completely by surprise and kissed her most passionately on the lips as he released the clamps at the moment of drawing his mouth away….and turning towards her ear he whispered something…what was it ….it sounded like…’MY…slave’

Anna let out the most almighty scream as the blood rushed back to her body, and found her self back in bed, back in her sleepsack……..and her mistress was awake……

ANNA had no idea how her mistress was going to react to being awoken so loudly. Her scream had felt as though it had been several decibels higher than the loudest alarm clock she could imagine and even louder than a mother shouting a child to get up for school.   She just hoped it wasn’t still the middle of the night, if it was she could guarantee the inflatable butt plug sitting within her would be pumped until her ass was stretched to its limit. She tried to see the bedside clock radio but the restrictions of the sleepsack didn’t allow her to raise her head even remotely enough to see the time.

Her mistress switched on the light. She did not look angry. She looked beautiful.  Anna had never woken up with another woman before and whether it was partly because after the dream she was aroused mentally or because of the bondage her body was on edge physically, but something made it feel as though it was one of the most sexual moments ever. Anna felt very on edge, similar to being on the brink of enjoying the most intense orgasm or enduring the most excruciating pain, she felt as though she was on a knife-edge as she did not know how her mistress was going to react, and yet there was nowhere else she would rather be at that moment.

She tried to stare into her mistress’s eyes to try to get some sort of feeling as to her mood, but it was difficulty to tell what might be going on behind those soulful dark eyes.  Anna started to say ‘sorry for wak…’ but her mistress put her finger on Anna’s lips and said ‘it’s okay, don’t worry if you had a dream that upset you. Your dreams are the least of your worries and i hope gave you something to think about whilst enduring your night of bondage. It’s the morning and time for something else to happen. Though you waking me up like that won’t go forgotten’

With that she kissed Anna passionately on the lips her tongue venturing into the bound girl’s mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever, and Anna hardly noticed as her mistress started unlacing the sleepsack. It felt strange being freed at the same time as clearly still being very captive and she felt slightly cold as the leather of the sack was folded away from her body. She was worried her mistress would smell how horny she was, or that the sack that would be drenched from her wet dream, but there was not at all very much that she could do about it. It was noticed.

Anna felt embarrassed knowing how wet she was, and she felt bad that quite a bit of it was due to the dream she had about the mystery man. Her dream had felt so real, and yet, what was the reality was just as arousing. Yet, different. She heard a beeping noise, and she knew that it must be the sign the time lock on the chastity belt had reached the end of its duration, and her mistress wasted no time in unlocking the oversexed girl. Anna had half expected that the plug would be inflated more, but seeing as although the dream had caused the night-time to shatter it was morning and her mistress seemed to be making the most of the highly sexual predicament, and therefore the plug was carefully removed leaving her ass feeling stretched and open for anything that may happen next.

The mistress motioned for Anna to get up onto all fours facing the headboard of the bed, and then took some bonds and restrained both her wrists and ankles in place, ensuring her knees were spread apart as far as possible . She added a leather waist belt that had d-rings on both the front, the back and the sides and strapped it tightly round Anna’s waist, before tying Anna’s hair into a pony tail with a red ribbon and attaching the end of the ribbon tightly to the back ring of the belt ensuring Anna’s body was stretched and her head held high.  A ball gag was added for good measure and Anna was now totally at the mercy of the woman she had awoken from sleep.

‘I know you’ve been dreaming about a man’ her mistress said, ‘I can tell and I’m not surprised since it’s what you are used to’. Her voice however, did not sound disappointed, and the strict words were accompanied by teasing fingertips on Anna’s body. Her mistress continued ‘but you will find, men can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and that is different for me. I will show how amazing bondage and slavery should be….but first there is only one thing to be done with a slut like you’.

Anna felt the other woman’s body against hers and then felt something penetrating her. Not just her vagina, and not just her ass but both at once. Her mistress had a double strap on. She felt her mistress’s hands hold the waist belt as she invaded Anna relentlessly, her head still held high from the bondage of the ribbon. Anna felt violated and yet amazing, her body able to take the double intrusion due to the preparation of the plug and the night of chastity and sensual dreams. She knew that her body would still undergo much more torture at the hands of her mistress, but if the reward was going to be feeling like this then perhaps it was worth it. She loved the feeling of being used and yet being so sexual, so bound, so on edge. Her body sped towards orgasm, and she wanted to beg to be allowed that special moment of release though all she could manage was a few muffled noises through her ball gag and her mistress continued fucking her, ensuring every part of Anna’s body felt tight on edge and ready to burst. Her body trembled as she felt her orgasm build and she knew that after enduring the night in chastity and then the incredible feeling of the double penetration that she would not be able to hold out much longer. She did not want to risk her mistress becoming upset since she had not yet been punished for the dream, but she could not hold off she could not hold off anymore she could feel the orgasm beginning to wash slower over her she could not hold off any longer….could she?

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  1. Woooooooow! This is so amazingly hot! Just reading it before bed… is that a good thing??!!

    t. x

  2. @t-p agree with you 100%!!! I’m just heading to bed and I just read it!! I’m so turned on right now!!!

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