Room service!

Grimly and this girl were away for the weekend to England meeting up with old friends and new.

On the way to the midlands they stopped in with a friend who is currently renovating a venue to hold fetish parties and the work going on there so far is amazing. Definitely interesting to see what a bit of imagination, enough spare land and a team of kink friendly builders can do! Hopefully this girl and Grimly will get to see the finished result in a few months though the wedding is looming ever closer making kinky trips a bit more of a special effort and a lot harder to fit in. It’s certainly given Grimly a few ideas of what he’d like to do to this girl’s house when he (eventually) moves in but its unlikely the renovation here will happen quite as fast!

Grimly and this girl also met up with Geetwo & Maxi who they have now known for a few years after partly being introduced by JG Leathers and partly because Maxi wanted Grimly’s engineering skills for a control belt. Yes, absolutely insane and bonkers! Who would actually want an evil chastity belt with electric shocks built-in if they were given the choice? Not this girl that’s for sure, though Grimly doesn’t seem to very often give her multiple choice options. Oh wait there’ll be at least one multiple choice question at the wedding πŸ˜‰Β But anyway, the belt has long been finished, many screams have been had and they’ve stayed good friends being very Β much on the same wavelength.

However the main highlight of course was finally getting to meet trinity pup and her dom SG and it’s great to finally put faces to names and erm (rather sexy latex clad) bodies πŸ˜‰ Though trinity wins the prize for having the most innocent (but secretly evil) looking dom, that’s for sure. Grimly’s evil is above him in big flashing neon lights saying hello πŸ˜‰

First meetings with people off the internet can always be a bit odd since you don’t always know if you’ll have as much in common as you thought you did, or whether you might run out of things to say, or whether it might just be an unmitigated disaster. Though couldn’t be farther from that all. It felt very easy for us to all hang out together and very natural. Its important probably in BDSM or in any type of friendship to have that around people to not feel awkward or to feel as though you have to put on a show and this girl didn’t feel like that. Perhaps it might have been better if she had as she might have behaved better and not got loads of ‘wait till i get you home’ looks from Grimly!

Anyway, Β most of saturday night (after dinner) was spent chilling out and getting to know each other. SG had also brought a bit of latex so this girl, maxi and trinity had a sort of mini photo-shoot with these hoods. If only the hotel knew what was going on! Though presumably these types of places get all sorts!

The hood this girl tried was an inflatable one, she’s tried one before but not since STEFFY was over and trying to torment her as the evil rubber nun! It was a nice feeling especially combined with having the slightly hazy view of trinity in her breath play hood right beside her. Looking but not touching is difficult! It was good though having a a relaxing night among friends with a bit of latex thrown in, it made this girl feel bad that she and Grimly hadn’t brought much themselves to show off with or to potentially use though the last couple of times Grimly and this girl have been away with huge bags of stuff then it’s not been used, but it’s sometimes hard to know what might be appropriate and what might cause people to feel obliged to go along with something they might not want.

However this girl is definitely pleased there was at least a little splattering of kink and it has most definitely got her sold on wanting an inflatable hood but there are so many other things on the list as well!

Sometimes though Β its best to just have a little teaser to enhance the anticipation of what might happen another time πŸ˜‰

On Sunday, everyone went to BBB, didn’t buy anything, but had a good look round and a nose and met a few more rubberpal’ers including Velvetclaw who thisgirl hadn’t seen for ages, so all in all a great weekend in excellent company! πŸ˜‰ This girl is stuck to just having Grimly all to herself this next one!

L-R – maxi, thisgirl, trinitypup

9 thoughts on “Room service!

  1. thanks john we had a good time, think this is most definitely our year for meeting new friends πŸ™‚

    Sue, no, can see why you would think that i don’t think i even realised it was touching because of it being inflatable lol but no its not is totally separate.

    Have done shared breath play though before with tubes similar to the one coming off maxi’s hood and gas masks. We have a (home-made) hood similar to the one she’s wearing and can understand why she was starting to get a bit drifty!

  2. 2 seperate wedding gift lists maybe?
    One for traditional stuff, and one that might be a bit less so lol? πŸ˜‰

    Just be careful to send the right ones to the right people though!

  3. no, we’re keeping the wedding totally vanilla there will be some fetishists there but they’ve had orders to act under cover! lol.

  4. It was indeed an honour to finally meet you and Grimly, and of course Geetwo and Maxi too. i was in awe for most of the weekend and it was such good fun too πŸ™‚
    i am hoping to write about it on my blog real soon.

    t. x

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