Are you ready for your close up?

CrazyD asked :

i read about the inspiring idea of the video goggles where you can also watch yourself in real-time, did you get to try it (watching yourself) and how was it?

Yes it’s been used several times.

There are details about one of the first times it was used here way back in 2008. The above picture is from last year, and is combined with breast vacuum cups and a lot of bondage!

The video goggles are similar to the ones that can be used in gaming and are just fitted into a gas mask and then made into the above concoction after a few Grimly twists and tweaks. Because the goggles are so close to your face it’s almost as though you are watching something in your mind , as though you are imagining it almost, but obviously it’s very real and the physical sensations confirm that what is seen as is also felt.

This girl isn’t sure how else to describe it apart from to imagine the most intense scene you’ve ever had and then imagine you are watching it happen as well as feeling it ,and that you can see everything coming from a different visual angle to your own.

The images that are seen can be anything Grimly wants this girl to see , to date, he’s used it really only connected to the video camera and then pointed the video camera at her, either showing her the full predicament or possibly  a close up of the action. Grimly has lots of ideas for introducing a lag so that the visual images dont’ quite match the physical sensations and also using other AV systems with the mask ie. a dvd player etc.  This girl will need to remind him about that!

Its an odd experience though for someone who doesn’t like looking at themselves. This girl hates looking at herself in the mirror or in photographs,  having that very female defect of hating everything about her body. So being forced to watch her body being tortured from a third-party perspective is a bit of a headfuck.

The mask sits well with this girl’s brainwashing fantasies. Sometimes she still likes to pretend that she’s not really submissive and its only because her technically twisted boyfriend has brainwashed her into it, as though it then makes it his bizarre fantasy instead of hers. Which is totally not the case at all since its hers as well!

This girl loves sci-fi a lot so anything that involves electrics and masks and electronics makes BDSM all the more interesting 😉

Geeky perhaps but fun!

8 thoughts on “Are you ready for your close up?

  1. The delayed viewing idea sounds devilishly Grimleyish I must say. Must say the whole set up sounds amazing, and something I would love to try sometime.
    Oh, and do the breast vacuim cups generate any growth or expansion, because if so… 😉

  2. I don’t know how you can be hating looking at your body, you can’t even SEE your body in those pics. You can mess things up by sending the video signal into the computer and then saving and running it back out to the glasses. An AB switch can let you shift from live to delayed tape. As a brain fuck, you can run something from a few minutes back or from even another session that way. Sort of like when they hack into the security cameras in the movies, and run a loop of something that is not really there.

  3. haha we got some new breast cups recently that are for meant for expansion but even Grimly can’t work miracles lol.

    i know Tim its just getting round to it, perhaps this has reminded him?? 😉

    KC, flattery will get you everywhere 😉

  4. You havent seen how big I am nowadays lol, virtually filling a B cup, I’ll have you know! 😉

  5. Even more tantalising would be for your goggles to receive an image of what’s about to happen to you just before it does. Though unless Grimly has managed to tamper with the time-space continuum, I guess that’s not going to come good as an idea… 🙂

  6. the only way i can think of doing that is by videoing sessions and then possibly editing different bits of ones together and playing that back,but the same bondage and same boots and everything would need to be used to trick the mind i think.

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