The diaper position

CrazyD asked:-

Hi, i understood you,re into medical, although it may not be too related, but i was wondering if you ever had an experience with diapers? I would also like to here what you think about the general idea of bdsm & diapers.

Diapers are not this girl’s fetish not in any shape or form.

Adult baby play is not something she has ever really wanted to really experience. Whilst some people love it, and perhaps there is a sort of escapist innocence to it, it just feels a bit icky to her personally. She has no desire to participate in a type of bdsm play where she knows she would look completely ridiculous. Perhaps some people think she looks ridiculous anyway…but just the idea of bonnets and nappies …it just does not appeal at all. It sort of completely clashes with this girl’s love of all things technosexual.

This girl  is really not an age player, the youngest role she has ever played has been a teenage schoolgirl when she’s done spanking shoots – and whilst that can be fun it’s not her main bdsm interest by a long way.

As for diapers in medical play?

That does not appeal either.

Whilst this girl can see the attraction of enforced long-term bondage where even going to the toilet is restricted she associates those things with other unhappy events having a couple of relatives pass away from progressive terminal illnesses where such things were not choice or fetish but necessity.

It’s like anything else if you have a bad association with it you can’t make it a fetish.

This girl can’t really give a reason why she’s comfortable with enemas and not diapers apart from really that an enema is much more sexual with the potential to lead on to other things (at least for her) where a diaper would just be humiliating  yuck and not something she would want to do. Whereas she would do almost everything butt that.

Anyhow, this girl is happy to stick to the following diaper position, which is quite handy for spanking – the ankles being raised and held over the head – a potential Grimly invention here – though perhaps it needs a fuck machine, tit torture and breathing apparatus as well, or at least two out of the three?? 😉

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