Bare essentials

Hisgirl asked :

My Master and I have had to move a couple of times, so our collection of play toys has been depleted severely. I was wondering what you consider the essentials for a good scene and where to find good quality for a good price?
Also, Iā€™m a big girl in my way (getting smaller though yay!) what is a good place to get a good semi-roomie cage? Iā€™m not claustrophobic but Master wants to put me in it over night in puppy gear so it has to be big enough to lay in..

It’s quite hard for this girl to answer this one because what might be a good scene for her wouldn’t necessarily do it for someone else. For instance someone who likes percussion instruments like canes and floggers wouldn’t have any interest in the kind of scene this girl enjoys.

Though, it got this girl thinking back to what she had before she was with Grimly, especially from when she was more Domme and used to take toys to clubs and needed to be portable.

These are probably the absolute bare minimum and possibly roughly what most people (aside from those into electrics and such might find useful) but this is only a personal guide nothing more.

  • A good blindfold – this is one of the best ones this girl has had. She’d bought it at BBB (a UK fetish market in Birmingham) for maybe about Ā£20 but various fetish sellers seem to buy them and sell them on. The reason why this is useful as especially in a noisy club it helps focus draw away from any background disturbance and into the play itself. Going up from that, possibly a hood – this girl has loads but essentially at least one item that helps shut off at the very least sight.
  • A collar – perhaps not necessary for every scene, but useful sometimes to define roles as a symbol of submission, and everything else that it stands for.
  • A set of ankle and wrist cuffs – ideally with d rings on them so that trigger clips can be used meaning that hands can either be attached to equipment or behind the back or in a multitude of other bondage positions.
  • Something sensory – this girl used to have a furry glove with claws in it, but any sort of vampire glove or claw is good,something that can allow different feelings.
  • One cane, one flogger and one paddle. This girl used to have more than that but really there’s not a lot of need at least for her if good ones are picked of each. Better to have quality instead of loads of similar types of toy – unless you have the room!
  • Hate to admit it – but nipple clamps.
  • Not so much for club play but at home – a good vibrator and a good butt plug. NO ANN SUMMERS JUNK!

That’s about the minimum. As to where to buy? It’s difficult since this girl is in the UK and has a dom that makes most of her stuff to give recommendations to someone in the USA that is shopping for it.

However, EBAY turns up good bargains. Most of this girl’s zentais are from ebay and these are a couple of her favourite ebay sellers :-

Leatherotics – corsets, neck corsets, sleepsack, hoods.

Style leather – arm and leg corsets, puppy hood.

This girl and Grimly also get items from random searches on ebay and at fetish markets in Birmingham and London. To be honest though quite often decent gear you end up having to pay for. It’s important to read ebay descriptions and so on to be sure it’s real leather on some listings. Sometimes you can find good ebay deals too by searching under things that people don’t realise are fetish i.e. antique medical equipment might bring up a violet wand. Also another good tip for cheap toys is looking in tack shops for crops and in pound shops/dollar stores for pegs, clips, other hitty things.

After the basic list it really depends on your fetish as to what to get next. If its bondage – then maybe an armbinder or straightjacket. If its medical play then maybe an enema kit or speculum. If its electrics then a tens, and eventually most definitely an ET312. If its medieval style play maybe a wooden pony or scavengers daughter or if its pony play then a harness.

Obviously if its all just keep going till you run out of space and/or money šŸ˜‰

This girl likes every scene to really be different and not always the same thing, but if she was stuck on a desert island for her the key items probably are the ET312, electrodes, a hood, a vibrator and some type of restrictive bondage. Oh and a generator and some way of working it! And chocolate!

As for a puppy cage, probably try searching on ebay for one for a large dog rather than a fetish one for a person. This girl doesn’t unfortunately know of any particular stockists for that.

Thanks again for the question hope this helps šŸ™‚

If anyone wishes to ask more questions please feel free to click on the logo in the sidebar for details šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Bare essentials

  1. Great article:) Very imformative and it should help anybody who is looking for information. As always, you are always entertaining and a joy to read.

  2. thanks very much john šŸ™‚ i am getting so many flattering comments i’m going to end up getting an ego as big as Grimly’s …well …perhaps not that big LOL>

    hisgirl, hope it helped, my knowledge is mostly of UK sellers though i’m going to America later in the year so I shall do some research!

  3. The kinky equivalent of “Desert Island Discs”! Thanks for the imagery; you made me laugh :-}

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