Life’s a bitch!

Following on from the last post, this girl had decided to experiment with puppy play. Seen as the original tail she had bought didn’t work Grimly adapted a tail Steffy had made to try and make it work.

Now with a lot of lube, an eroscillator and a mini orgasm Grimly managed to get the tail to fit after a bit of jiggery pokery with the zentai to make it sit right since female zentais’ generally make the placement of such items difficult when you don’t want to close the zip fully. Perhaps it was slightly more difficult for this girl since she and Grimly don’t do that much anal play apart from electrics and the odd enema. This girl knows there are people out there who don’t like butt plug tails for pet play since it makes the play a bit more sexual and perhaps less animalistic, but the way this one sits it is perhaps more realistic than it just dangling from the bum.  Anyhow there are so many different ways of doing this type of play, but it was nice having a tail that could be easily wagged – which the photos maybe don’t pick up so well! Though really how much she wanted to wag it with having an evil Grimly for a Master is a bit debatable!

Grimly also added the hood that she had bought. This hood is an ebay purchase so whilst it’s not the best puppy hood out there it is not bad quality for the cost. Perhaps one day this girl and Grimly will invest in a better one, or perhaps a latex one but this is not  bad for the price.  This girl had been thinking of buying the pony version that the same seller produces but the leather is quite tough so it’s probably not worth buying that since it’s about three times the cost of the puppy hood.

The puppy is pretty much a undeterminable mongrel breed, though perhaps it has the potential to be a guard dog to stop other subbies sniffing round it’s Master!  After putting the hood on, Grimly also belted up this girls legs to keep her in a kneeling position and added hand mitts for paws. The chain round her waist was added to help keep the tail snuggly in position. This girl got spacy quite quickly since she really couldn’t see anything given the zentai has a head hood built in and then the puppy mask on top. All she could really experience sensually was her Master’s voice and also the smell of  being a horny bitch! 😉 She decided it might be worth trying to beg her Master for some attention…

However the bastard had left her bowl empty! This girl felt a bit dejected and also unloved that he was being a bit old mother hubbard on her.  She growled at him but he didn’t seem to be bothered by that since her bark is most definitely worse than her bite!

So anyhow here ends the tail….

However perhaps its true what they say

Dogs have Masters, Cats have SLAVES

Perhaps Grimly would spoil her more as a Cat? 😉

8 thoughts on “Life’s a bitch!

  1. Beg Grimly to Butcher a vibe and Sit the Walks (sorry works)
    in the base of the tail. This should make it wag of it’s own
    accord and Fetch you some happiness when you are
    Down !

  2. Whoooop! A fellow(ess) puppy! Woooof wooooof! 🙂
    you look real cute in the whole ensemble… making this pup a bit envious! i’ll have to get searching for a puppy hood, as we don’t currently have one.

    More good news…. we have booked for the BBB! Yay! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you both!

    t. x

  3. Great stuff and I’d like to see that tail wagging in real life. As for you being a cat – do you really think that Grimly’s attitude would change? Because I don’t……………..

  4. I’ve always thought the appeal of petplay in general as less about pretending to be an animal and more about the whole control/objectification/humiliation/submission dynamic.

    Not to be too overtly graphic about it, but while I’d never want a blowjob from any animal, the idea of a blowjob from a puppygirl pretty much works for me.

    Also, petplay imposes a set of rules/expectations on the sub that provides more chances for them to (a) work on being uninhibited and immediately obedient and (b) make mistakes that provide excuses to punish them later….or more optimistically, to reward them for good behavior.

  5. thanks for the comments 🙂

    housebound we might do that eventually though not with this exact tail since it is made of stainless steel and it would be a shame to spoil it and i rather like it as it is. hopefully will try it for its intended use as a ponytail sometime soon!

    thanks t, yes see you soon, looking forward to it 🙂

    Geetwo, Grimly’s attitude better change or he’ll be getting bitten a lot!

    Ollie, i agree with you to a point i think i’m somewhere in the middle though wanting to be sort of part animal part human. I have to be honest i don’t (personally) feel it any more humiliating or controlling than anything else he does but thats just me! As for being an excuse for certain behaviours – i dont need excuses lol.

  6. I woulldn’t go threatening to bite him too much TG. Just remember that you may be wearing the puppy hood, but he has the muzzle.

  7. i wouldnt bite him really anyway….would rather bite into a piece of cheesecake from a certain cafe with cakes to die for 😉

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