Made to talk

Tim asked…”Since you brought up the electric play and interrogation, I don’t think I’ve seen you write about creating a situation where you had information that Grimly wanted. I guess something like hiding the hat of his you loathe, and having him torture it’s location might be the kind of “battle of wills” you might engage in”

Its come up a little a few times though probably most relevantly here. Although interrogation is a sort of fantasy for this girl it just doesn’t seem to work in practice for certain reasons.

Partly because she and Grimly have now been together six years there isn’t anything that he would want to know specifically that he doesn’t already. Certainly there aren’t any skeletons in the closet or any smidgets of information that this girl would guard with her life. Also this girl has a bit of a problem in that generally she can be a relatively quiet person but once she gets talking around someone she is comfortable with and knows well she won’t stop. Sometimes to her detriment, leaking out dangerous information by accident. About herself that is, not about others.  It feels almost as though any potentially personally dangerous phrase she might utter is automatically stuck up in highlighted letters for him to see as it seems to be that he remembers everything that matters. Like an elephant.

Also because of how well he knows her he has a very good understanding of her physical limitations. He knows roughly what level on the ET will have what effect, he knows roughly how long she can cope it certain situations and things like that. Obviously sometimes that will differ, but he has a general idea and therefore if he really WANTED to get some piece of information out of her he would be able to do it in probably less than 60 seconds. Of course, he can string things out and generally does, to lead up to a crescendo, but it remains he usually knows how things will pan out.

The idea of interrogation perhaps when it’s presented in movies or whatever is that its someone captured, tortured by a stranger, who doesn’t know what will and wont crack them. Grimly already knows what is the best technique and so that  part of the game is gone. That’s not to say this girl would want to play with a stranger  – she doesn’t – it just makes the whole concept of torture for information a bit pointless and difficult. So far this girl hasn’t come up with a way to make it otherwise.

“Also what is your feeling of the use of adverse control. It would be simple enough for Grimly to set up an appropriate female version of a dog shock collar where your movement is limited or you are shocked severely if you step into his work area. A variation on that is the sound monitor if you scream creating more desire to scream. Charlotte has used that kind of apparatus a few times”

Dog shock collar devices have been used since there is one in the control belt.

Generally how that works is that Grimly can control from the remote when the shocks are felt, sometimes just a noise is heard and not a noise, and sometimes both together. The prongs sit just a little above the clit so it is a very sensitive area! It has not really been used in the sense of getting shocks based on a perimeter. However in a similar way electrics have been combined with a tilt switch both on a frame (details on one of the earliest posts with pictures) but more recently on the cake stand which Grimly made for his birthday in January. The way the tilt switch works is that if there is too much movement in one direction and the sensor is no longer at the desired angle shocks will be experienced, so in essence the same effect to your idea Tim.

Grimly is a great lover of predicament bondage. As in, ‘move the wrong way and X happens, move the other way and Y happens but stay still and something else will happen too’. One of the best examples of that is the electrical wooden pony which ensures the rider either suffers pain to either the feet or the genital area or generally both. To be honest this girl is probably a fan as well! 😉

I know you haven’t had an opportunity to have prolonged bondage, but would you want to be a prisoner for an undisclosed length of time similar to some of the long-term scenarios that JG has written about in his books?”

Since this girl is spending just under a month with JG Leathers later in the year possibly best to reserve answering that eh? 😉

2 thoughts on “Made to talk

  1. Well I guess JG’s next book will be illustrated! Now that would be an interesting mix being in “permanant bondage” under JG with Grimly’s input to the whole thing. Depending on when the wedding is, it might turn out to be the ultimate bound bride

  2. you never know though i think he’s had several prettier girls that would provide more interesting illustrations such as the beautiful Angel or Venus de mila.

    We’re getting married in the UK, but we are having a blessing in Canada as well and hopefully taking our wedding outfits there so you never know! Though we haven’t bought them yet….

    people are right when they say planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life experiences!

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