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Nope. Not going to give you some witty and thought-provoking answer and philosophical answer as to why the chicken crossed the road , but here are the answers to Ollie’s questions asked so far during Q&A month 😉

He asked :

What is the impact of e-stim pads on you when in bondage? I can see a little appeal in having some muscles involuntarily being made to twitch, but is there more to it than that?

Ok. There are actually a few answers to that. Probably the most simplest is and seems a ridiculously short response is that it feels good, and muscles twitching can stimulate other feelings as well.

Perhaps it’s easiest to explain the appeal of electrics by starting at the very beginning with this girl’s fantasies. Her interest in BDSM pretty much stems from a ‘curiosity’ and fascination with torture and interrogation. Perhaps it may sound weird and twisted to say that torture is a fantasy if you compare it with the average person’s knowledge of the subject, but generally you can’t be into BDSM without having some sort of weird fantasy, which might be normal to you but odd to others. This girl has always liked the sort of torture scenes in James Bond and other films like Robin hood and so on.

JG Leathers describes it best when he says he is a ‘sensation junkie’, this girl is pretty much the same in that physical stimulation is pretty much her thing and the playing on either side of the edge of the line between pain and pleasure. Her ‘version’ of torture is pretty much that – being pushed physically sometimes to orgasm, sometimes not, sometimes teased and kept on the brink, sometimes to the point where that causes tears,subspace, endorphin rushes, and all manner of other things that *do it* for a masochist.

Electrics are a very good way of playing about with the line between pain and pleasure.

This girl’s first knowledge of electro play was of course the violet wand, followed by your average (boots equivalent) tens machine. A violet wand looks the part, but compared to other equipment out there for electro enthusiasts it’s all sparks and not enough shock.

The best thing by far is the ET312. It is expensive, but, for anyone serious enough and also sensible enough to read all the instructions and safety advice is really the best electrical box to get.  Electrics is a type of  play that can be very dangerous in the wrong hands (though that goes with many other things as well) so a knowledge and understanding of it is important before just plug and play. Unc is the best authority on electrics and his book Juice is very good.

There are many ways it can be used. It can be used in conjunction with surface pads that can be placed either side of muscles similar to this or internally – vaginally, anally, or both.  Also there is equipment out there specific for the male anatomy as well which obviously this girl is not placed to comment on!

For this girl, internal electrics is her favourite. Why? To put it most simply, it feels like being fucked, only possibly, more intense. The other day Grimly used  an internal electrode in her vagina and surface electrodes either side of her labia and it was a spectacularly huge orgasm….well….you know…more than one actually.

What makes that the more erotic is knowing that the feeling is being controlled by someone just twiddling a control panel or control box. Obviously the person twiddling has to be observant to their victim’s reactions, but they are using minimal physical energy compared to what they would exert say by caning or by flogging. For this girl it is knowing that her dom can so easily just change the level from being mildly tingly to being oh my fucking god in just two seconds is pretty mind-blowing.

It really depends on what is wanted from a scene as to how electro-play gains a purpose. It works on an interrogation level given it is so easy to adjust from pleasure to pain, but it can also be used in combination with other types of play -for instance – suspension,bondage, vacuum, all manner of things. Or ,everything you can think of in the case of  JG’s Creature, or in the case of Grimly’s chair. It can help towards sensory overload and a total rush of endorphins.

In addition it can be used as part of a hi-tech brainwashing or transformation type scene so for a lover of brainwashing (yes that would be this girl) or someone into the idea of being transformed into something else – such as a robot or a woman or anything else, it can help too since it has that sort of scientific frankensteins lab feel to it. ET also allows itself to be used in conjunction with sound and light so that the other human senses can be stimulated in combination with the pulse. Essentially the possibility to be almost hypnotic, allowing the person in control to possibly plant suggestions right into the mind. A lot of the older posts here about the various brainwashing masks Grimly has made probably explain this in more detail.

What does a dom get out of it? Well, Grimly likes technology. He’s an engineer. It turns him on aesthetically. His fantasies are similar to those this girl detailed. Perhaps the dom doesn’t directly get anything from it physically, however there is nothing to stop a dom having a sub wired up to electrics of some sort and giving her a task – let’s be crude and say a blow job within a certain amount of time – or else the shocks intensify. Grimly has also used electrics remotely to be able to locate this girl at fetish event zapping her when he wants her to find him.

Probably though the only way to really understand the appeal is to see if the pictures of electro play float your boat and ultimately to try it Ollie, sorry don’t know if you are dom or sub but the only way to know for sure is to try it ideally in the company of someone who is experienced ie at a demo or play party.

Here’s a picture found of what this girl finds to be an erotic electroplay scene though how the water aspect would work in reality she’s unsure, but probably her technical genius would know!

What is the longest period of time that you’ve been kept in some form of bondage or other? Or been in a “scene?”

This is one that is quite difficult to answer since the last thing this girl is interested in doing during play is clock watching. But it does seem to be a question a lot of people always seem to have an interest in – unsure why that is? Perhaps the longest is all day. This girl has been at pony events where she’s been in the gear all day, wearing corsetry,bondage, head harness etc. However it really does depend on the activity. Some things are appropriate for only maybe 30 minutes others for hours so its difficult to say. This girl and Grimly keep meaning to have an extended session where it does not stop at all and bondage of some sort is included for a few days at a time, but normally something happens to stop that, i.e. needing to cook, to go out, to go and have a walk on the beach or whatever. It’s so difficult being  a slave to someone who can be normal when they want to!

How effective is a chastity belt in preventing having an orgasm?

This really depends on whether it is male or female chastity.

This girl can only comment on female chastity, and in that respect for her the answer is , it isn’t.

A (good) chastity belt will prevent access to the genital area and in some cases, also provide stimulation as well. Since belts can be made that incorporate plugs, or electric shocks or vibrators. If it is made to measure and from a good designer such as tollyboy or latowski or Grimly von feendishstein then it is likely that it will enable the wearer to not access their private parts except to perhaps to go to the toilet (please dont’ ask details lol )

However, the problem for this girl – maybe for other people too – is that chastity can increase arousal. The whole concept of it, of being locked up, of not being able to get arousal specifically constantly makes the craving for sensation more intense. A lot of women this girl included can orgasm without physical stimulation if they have either had enough mental stimuli to get their brain juicies flowing and/ or if they have been programmed (via brainwashing/hypnotism) whatever you wish to call it – to orgasm on command.

For a man that is harder since most male chastity devices will make an erection difficult and probably painful. Any male subbies wish to comment on that?

Chastity is probably of more use to Grimly when he’s just simply not wanting sex. It stops this girl being able to jump on top of him…so you know, from a health and safety point of view….

BELT UP!!!!!!!

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