Put to the question?


March is question and answer month again. Of course you’re welcome to ask questions any time but as its been a tradition the last few years then here goes again.

Does anyone have any questions for this girl? or for Grimly? This girl is still working on Grimly’s interview that she mentioned in October – it’ll get done hopefully soon…but in the meantime…

If you have any questions or curiosities, leave a comment or send an email πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Put to the question?

  1. @grimly: where do you get so many of your great ideas? And how do you know how to build and create everything? I’m very fascinated by your work!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. thanks shy fan πŸ™‚ will include this when i combine all the questions i’ve had for Grimly since i guess the reply will be relatively detailed lol.

  3. Hi again, can’t resist throwing out a couple of questions for Thisgirl, so here goes:

    What is the impact of e-stim pads on you when in bondage? I can see a little appeal in having some muscles involuntarily being made to twitch, but is there more to it than that?

    What is the longest period of time that you’ve been kept in some form of bondage or other? Or been in a “scene?”

    How effective is a chastity belt in preventing having an orgasm?

    I’m pretty sure I have more questions, but that’s a pretty good start…

  4. Answer coming up soon …watch out for a new post in a few hours Ollie πŸ™‚

    Any answers to questions for grimly will be in a big post towards the end of the month

    Any one any more questions for this girl just leave a comment and they’ll be answered as and when time allows πŸ™‚

  5. Since you brought up the electric play and interrogation, I don’t think I’ve seen you write about creating a situation where you had information that Grimly wanted. I guess something like hiding the hat of his you loathe, and having him torture it’s location might be the kind of “battle of wills” you might engage in. Also what is your feeling of the use of adversive control. It would be simple enough for Grimly to set up an appropiate female version of a dog shock collar where your movement is limited or you are shocked severely if you step into his work area. A variation on that is the sound monitor if you scream creating more desire to scream. Charlotte has used that kind of apparatus a few times. I know you haven’t had an opportunity to have prolonged bondage, but would you want to be a prisoner for an undeclosed length of time similar to some of the long term scenarios that JG has written about in his books?

  6. Here is a question I guess is for the both of you..

    My Master and I have had to move a couple of times, so our collection of play toys has been depleted severely. I was wondering what you consider the essentials for a good scene and where to find good quality for a good price?
    Also, I’m a big girl in my way (getting smaller though yay!) what is a good place to get a good semi-roomie cage? I’m not claustrophobic but Master wants to put me in it over night in puppy gear so it has to be big enough to lay in..


  7. answer on the way shortly Tim πŸ™‚

    Hisgirl, thanks for the question may be a little longer for a reply since i have a few posts on something else that sort of ties in to squeeze in first and away for a few days but to follow soon i promise ! πŸ™‚

    please feel free to leave any more questions everyone though replies are now going to take a bit longer and am trying to give them thought πŸ™‚ Plus i have an ocd about 2 posts in a day lol.

  8. Hi, i understood you,re into medical, although it may not be too related, but i was wondering if you ever had an experience with diapers? I would also like to here what you think about the general idea of bdsm & diapers.

    Second, i read about the inspiring idea of the video goggles where you can also watch yourself in real time, did you got to try it (watching yourself) and how was it?

  9. Now that you have been with Grimly for some time, and he is so good at coming up with ways to restrain you, do you still struggle with the restraints trying to get free, or do you know from experience that it is not possible so you don’t try? How about when pain is applied? Do you ever panic and really test the restraints?

  10. Hello ‘this girl’! Once again thanks for this wonderful blog of yours! Because you are authentic, and you are using such fine language.

    Well, finally I have a question or two! Have you ever done any predicament bondage with ballet boots? Like walking on a treadmill with your arms in a single glove? Or simply standing with a rope around your neck? (Not in earnest, I mean, the rope should be connected to the wall by a thin piece of thread; though without you knowing that πŸ˜‰
    Have you ever been out in the open, wearing a single glove?

    And is it right, that you will not take a ball gag with you to the lonely island? It was not on your list. Maybe you don’t like ball gags?

    Btw, don’t bother about your body. It looks great and carries a beautiful mind!

    I myself am very tired today; had to sleep all night in corset and chastity belt, so frustrating!

    Scotland the brave! I mean: ‘This girl’ the brave!!

    with hugs from Daniela in Denmark

  11. i was reading about a girl being left by her husband and she slept by the side of the misstress for the night how can i get the full storries to read please

  12. In the waning hours of your annual “ask me anything in March” event, I want to sneak a couple more questions in before my time expires.

    First off, what happens when Apil rolls around and someone asks a question? Do they get an auto-reply message saying “Shoulda thought of that LAST month, bitch! Try again next year.”? Because that really wouldn’t be in keeping with the editorial tone of your blog. Heck, Grimly’s supposed to be the mean one and that wouldn’t even sound right if he was the one saying it. Okay, never mind…that was pretty much a rhetoerical question anyway.

    On to my real questions:

    A lot of what you and Grimly do seems to have a vibe very similar to what they’re doing over at the House of Gord. Is Gord one of your sources of inspiration? What’s your opinion of H.o.G.?

    some people, when doing master and slave roleplay, insist on the submissive referring to themself in the third person, e.g. “Mistress, this slave is ready for his punishnent” vs.”I am…”.

    I wondered since you adopted that a sometimes-third-person writing style on your blog if that’s (ever) a convention that you and Grimly use.

    Since you’re in a “24/7 lifestyle” relationship, does Grimly ever insist on BDSM or D&S play when you’re not in the mood for it? If so, how does that work out? I’m sure that an empathic “no” on your part would waive him off or at least mean that you could offer him a raincheck for later, but what about a no-real-excuse-just-not-in-the-mood time when he wants to slap the handcuffs and gag on you?

    Lastly, have you ever been turned over to another dom(me) where Grimly wasn’t involved in their play with you? Alternately, have you and Grimly ever “babysat” someone else’s submissive overnight?

    Okay, that’ll have to suffice for Calendar Year 2011. Thanks and keep on with this very fun blog!

  13. thanks Ollie you have given me something to write about tomorrow though it will be at least twelve hours plus before i have chance to publish something! i was going to post a stupid thing i found for april fools but it would have probably made everyone throw up over their breakfast so you have saved humanity!

    answers to follow later….as for more questions…..welcome anytime really though just do the march thing as its a sort of tradition!

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