A sweeping glance

This girl hates housework with a passion. Doing her own housework is bad enough, but its worse when she has to do Grimly’s as well. She can’t wait for when he moves here and then there is only one lot  to bother about! Implements of torture and punishment are a devil to dust!

This girl can understand the service aspect of submission, but for her it is not the most fulfilling, preferring more fun and diversity to her BDSM then incorporating the mundane into it. Perhaps it would be different if she could devote every day to service and being in effect a house-wife (with kink) but that is never likely to be the situation. This girl would much rather work and bring in a financial benefit to the house and have her own money than to rely on a man to provide for her, whether he’s her Master or not, and Grimly understands that. Anything that leads in the end to a better quality of life and more means to have fun is good.

However, there are of course ways to make housework fun and varied. Perhaps not every day since that would be slightly ‘mary-poppins-esque’ but occasionally its fun to add dressing up or bondage or both to make everyday requirements more interesting.

Yesterday Grimly dressed this girl up in the rubber maid’s dress that he had made for her by latexsubbie (aka the bootfetishist) a few years ago. She hadn’t worn it for a long time since there are so many outfits in the wardrobe that it’s sometimes difficult to see things hiding there. Perhaps the wardrobe could do with a spring clean. This girl would like to sell a few things to make way for new, but Grimly is a bit of a hoarder as probably the amount of stuff in the playroom indicates as well  😉

It is actually quite difficult to do much housework with only your eyes not encased in latex. A sweeping glance only. Which doesnt’ really help dust , or mess, or clutter!  Of course Grimly easily got distracted as well and added additional bondage as well. He has recently modified the tray gag so that it stays on better by adding a sort of head harness as pictured. Before it was difficult to keep the tray (or whatever attachment is used on the gag – such as the duster, or ashtray) balanced because the only way to do so is to have the gag quite tight and the chin pushed out, so this addition was quite helpful. See even evil geniuses can sometimes be considerate 😉

Perhaps Grimly is cleaning up his act in advance for marriage after all?

NO chance 😉

3 thoughts on “A sweeping glance

  1. well i shall post it here if i do Stevie, but as i said Grimly being a hoarder perhaps unlikely lol

    KC, hmm i think its him thats spoilt not me!

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