Drop zone

Sub drop is something that affects this girl from time to time, particularly as the end of the last session of play sort of normally coincides with it being close to home time.

Last time Grimly had this girl in suspension and a lot of additional bondage as well and so she was floating away quite happily. However, when he lowered her down on the winch he did not end the session. Instead he hogtied her and made the bondage ordeal last a little longer.

This was strange because this girl was half in sub space and half in the sub ‘drop-zone’ lol. When she heard the winch being lowered she was started to come out of that floaty place and starting to come round to normality, but then his additional input stopped that from happening.

This girl was still very much enclosed in her own little world thanks to the hood, but was more aware of what he was doing then when he had her five feet up in the air with nipple clamps hanging off. Her body was beginning to ache from going from suddenly being supported by the bonds of the suspension to finding itself on the floor, and then she felt him tying her again.

This girl felt a bit like a puppet, cut from its strings and then being put back together again by it’s master. Grimly seems to do that a lot. He is pretty much her fixer-man when it comes to BDSM but pretty much when it comes to everything else as well.

So whilst she ached temporarily, once tied she  soon relaxed into the bondage again and let him get on with his devious plans.

On the whole it is difficult for this girl to allow sup drop to affect her for long because whether its more bdsm, a cuddle or a phone call, he always does something to lift her out of it again 🙂

3 thoughts on “Drop zone

  1. Grimly certainly knows how to put his Lady into an inescapable hogtie !! You look absolutely superb 🙂

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