What’s the point?

‘What’s the point?’ a comment to one of the pictures of the last set this girl posted here that Grimly cross posted on flickr.

Grimly answered succinctly by just saying ‘because i can’.

Initially this girl thought the comment was a bit ignorant and that it should be obvious what the point is. Bondage. Suspension. Sensory deprivation. Fetish wear. Surely the point of doing all that is obvious? It’s fun and its erotic. It’s fantasy.

To be honest, whats the point of any bdsm play apart from those reasons? None of this is really complex rocket science or anything like that.  It’s happening because at least one of the people involved  (hopefully both in most cases!) is enjoying either the physical sensation of it or the predicament, or the power exchange, or perhaps just the chance to escape reality for a little while.  Ok, so it wont always be the case that a person looking at a photograph enjoys it, but they’re not meant to every single time. It’s not happened *for* them, and everybody has different fetishes so of course there are going to be people who wouldn’t find being in the same situation (or putting someone in that situation) arousing or interesting. This girl tries to be understanding of most fetishes, but they are still some she doesn’t understand – such as worshipping feet or wearing diving equipment without going diving so probably there are many other fetishists who don’t see the attraction to suspension and bondage. Though suspension maybe is the type of thing that you kind of need to try it to understand how spacy it can make you.

The whole photo thing bugs this girl sometimes. She sometimes doesn’t like Grimly taking them, because as soon as a camera becomes involved it almost starts being about showing off to someone else rather than it about being a personal (and usually very sexual) experience. It involves others, or at least their thoughts and opinions. It’s like a third person being there. Unless she’s so far gone that he could be doing anything it can get very noticeable like a third person being in the room and can make things feel disjointed and can make her feel too conscious of how she looks because sometimes bondage isn’t flattering – a lot of times it is – but not always!

The thing is, this girl can’t really complain. She’s an exhibitionist at the end of the day, and perhaps its irony that she doesn’t like the process that goes into making her one. Most of the time Grimly works round it by doing photos either at the very beginning or the very end of a session, or making a session a dedicated photo one so that more intense play doesn’t get interrupted. Really this girl has little to complain about it but it doesn’t stop her, especially when they are people out there that put such silly comments on the end result.

Ultimately the photos are there as a record to show what has happened to this girl at the hands of her madman, and not really so much to become the guilty pleasures of someone else. It’s a fair point though that posting them peers are going to judge and some will think its amazing and some will think its rubbish and some will wonder what the point of it is, and really what the point of this girl writing about it was too no doubt, since really Grimly’s right the answer to the whole predicament is because he can.

Oh and because she likes it.

9 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. A suggestion to not break the moment is to shoot a session on video and then edit photos out of it. Grimly could even post a few clips on Flickr. I know I’d love to hear what your voice sounds like especially when you are squealing/enjoying yourself!

  2. thanks t 🙂

    Tim, its a good idea but the problem is i would be conscious about it being there and it becomes more about being conscious of what any ‘audience’ might think than enjoying it. It might happen when we’re on holiday, but i dont think its likely to happen at Grimly’s its not really something we’re interested in doing since bdsm play is for us not anyone else.

    However there is video in existence of me on http://www.northernspanking.com though the acting isn’t exactly oscar worthy lol.

  3. LIke you, we have also had “your photo is quite disturbing”….”This isn’t normal!” etc etc and in fact some of the comments probably contributed to Mrs KC no longer playing on the www 😦
    You just have to ignore the comments, they could be from a child molester; a conman; a burglar; a racist etc but I do know that your photos and this excellant blog will be around and giving pleasure for many a fine year 🙂
    Our last few bondage ( and getting more common ) sessions have been without my trusty box brownie being in the room and the sex and ( believe it or not ) freedom, from taking pics at just the right angle to get everything in etc is quite liberating. Sadly the monet you stop posting pics, then the emails dry up – so I know our photos are only as good as the next page/model that comes along a minute later etc !!!
    Keep up the good work…until people actually try bondage properly ( and I don’t mean tying oneself up for ten minutes ) where a partner has total say in ever releasing you or using you etc., then take these imature/uneducated (bondage wise ) comments for what they are.

  4. The point is that you two are enjoying yourselves –
    and we, the fans, enjoy your posts an especially the pictures –
    Thank You.

  5. It was nice to find you being a difient “slacker ” although you didn’t say much, you took all that could be dished out. And you looked hot in that long corset as well. And KC, It would be nice to see the Mrs enjoying herself now and then as she stews in her own juices. Maybe something like Captive Kink could be an outlet for you for some. And I’d e-mail but when you took down the website you took down ways to connect to you both. Hope Mrs is feeling better, and we all know that if it wasn’t for a certain Mr. and Mrs. we probably never would have seen how Grimly and this girl have their fun

  6. KC , i guess i don’t pay too much attention to the comments that are just on pictures as i dont use flickr any more since they blocked me. To be honest i dont miss it. Grimly still likes it however. Thanks for your comment – love to you both 🙂

    Tim, thanks glad you enjoyed it though there are better ones from longer ago.

    I dont think the problem is having somewhere to post pics , the problem is sometimes not wanting to, or not wanting them to be taken, which is how I often feel. KC and Mrs KC are a great inspiration, but Grimly and I had existed before i had come across them….though of course it was only a matter of time….lol

  7. Thankyou for the kind words re inspiration but I think most will agree that you two have taken bondage to another higher level…it is now you, that inspires us !! Captivekink isn’t to bad either 😉

  8. true….i need to borrow some of his models i think 😉

    though hopefully i may be getting my hands on someone i’d like to tie up next month hehehe

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