Burns Night

Tonight is Burns’ Night here in Scotland which is an evening of special dinners and celebrations on the birthday of national poet Robbie Burns. These parties generally including men dressing up in skirts (sorry – kilts!), eating haggis, drinking whisky and reciting Burns’ poetry.

Perhaps its just because she’s English but this girl has never gotten into any of that since men in skirts don’t really do it for her, the thought of haggis turns her stomach 😉 and whisky…yugh…poetry, poetry is ok, it’s literature after all , even if its written in gobbledigook lol.

This girl has fantasized for a long time about having her own version of a burns night. Fireplay.

She is unsure why playing with fire is such a fantasy. She’s been playing with fire metaphorically for years just by being with Grimly, but just something about it really intrigues her, though its an area of play that she’s knows very little about. It looks hot though right 😉

This has girl has done plenty of wax play and been tortured with candles underneath her and things, but she has never done any fire flogging or other types of fire play.

This article here on submissive-guide gives some really useful info and guidance regards the type of play possible.

Perhaps it is just the risk factor, the idea of taking things yet again a bit closer to the edge and outside her comfort zone that appeals to her. This girl just isn’t sure though whether the arousal it might give is worth the risk. Perhaps it isn’t. Perhaps it is one of those things that will stay a fantasy in her head, a sort of ‘what if this might happen’ .

4 thoughts on “Burns Night

  1. I’ve never been interested in fireplay; along with blood/cutting/needleplay, scat and watersports, it totally squicks me out.

    Ditto for haggis, but I imagine that goes without saying.

    As to poetry, I’m largely indifferent (more of a visual & performance art &/or music type).


    When said poetry serves as an excuse for me (especially as a non-Scot) to wear a kilt and drink some single malt Scotch whiskey (speyside preferably), then I am completely and enthusiastically pro-poetry!

    In all fairness, if an exorcism, book burning or even a presentation on the merits of time-share condominiums provided an excuse to drink good scotch, I could probably get behind those things as well.

    Just as long as any of the above activities does not involve blood, burning flesh, urine or poop. I mention this purely for clarification.

    Man, you guys make great whiskey.

  2. i’m not interested in those things either Ollie, i’ve done watersports a few times (with my ex) and whilst i can understand the fetish behind it and the humiliation aspect was most definately not my thing. I’m curious about needles, but only curious, i dont think i’d want to try. However fire does intrigue me as does water bondage, two things that i’ve never really done.

    Well hope you enjoyed dressing up in your kilt and having a drink – Grimly has only ever worn a kilt once and was forced into it for his previous wedding. I’m not even going to try and make him wear one for ours!

    so i guess from your comments the whickerman festival is out lol.

  3. being a great fan of bare feet, I love seeing you in bondage barefoot. However, I am not to thrilled seeing those cute toes near fire; I hope that was a one time adventure. Love your fun, imaginative photo sets; especially the ones of you cuffed bare foot in Seattle; hope to see more like those!

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