The centre of attention

This girl has been a fan of a lot of the old insex stuff for a long time, pretty much really since Grimly introduced it to her at the start of their relationship to sort of explain some of the background of his ideas.

Since then this girl has fantasized a bit about doing photos similar to insex  – you know, slightly grainy with hints of the industrial, hints of the medieval, and strong connotations of humiliation and suffering. Many of this girl’s inspirations stem from varying types of torture such as medieval inquisition and modern-day interrogation.  This girl can’t explain why that is – it just is – it turns her on – simple as.

Perhaps one of the reasons why this girl would never get the opportunity to do this type of shoot is because she just does not have the figure. She’s working at it, but to do this type of bondage a certain amount of athleticism and stamina is required. There is of course something humiliating about being naked and the parts that she has hang ups about being on display – but it’s not a particularly sexy version of humiliation play – far from it!

The picture below is one of this girl’s favourite insex images showing a wooden pony with a difference, since the predicament is added that if the girl in the middle wobbles too much she’ll torture the breasts of the girls to her sides, and likewise unless they stand on their tiptoes they’ll hurt her too.

There haven’t been many times when this girl has been involved in predicament bondage with someone else. One time when  Velvet Claw visited Grimly used a hose system with the gas masks that made breathing shared (and difficult) and also when she’s been nose to nose with Alternative Mindsets but that is the main extent of it. It’s something that she’d like to try more of however, at some point.

This type of wooden pony torture appeals to this girl though because it is so overtly sexual. There are times (most times!) when this girl wants any sort of sexual torture to be very private and just between her and Grimly since it can involve so many moments where he keeps flipping the switch between pain and pleasure (often till it breaks completely and she can’t tell the difference – and that’s not bad lol) and it is so intense really that it just doesn’t feel right for anyone else to witness.

However, in the picture you can imagine almost as though the girls have done some sort of wrongdoing and this is their punishment to be sexually humiliated in public bondage. This girl likes the idea of a sort of fantasy world where that type of punishment might exist as opposed to public disgrace in the real world. It is one thing demonstrating bondage and kink in a hypothetical society that accepts it and another entirely to demonstrate it in a society that does not, and that would be disgusted and appalled if such a sight was to be witnessed by any passerby since they cannot consent to witness it.

In a hypothetical sort of semi-medieval world though where it was possible then this girl would inevitably want to be the centre of attention in this image. She would dread such a torture, she would fear it , she would feel embarrassed about the process of being stripped and hung up for all to see and would feel ashamed as her body would inevitably fail to conceal her arousal in spectacular style – as it always does, though at least normally only Grimly notices!

7 thoughts on “The centre of attention

  1. I’ll volunteer to be one of the girlies at the side – but I aint doing naked lol! x

  2. I’m a fan of insex but I think the girls done a course on how to be a bendy doll.

  3. Just found your blog a couple of days ago. I absolutely love it. Thank you for allowing us such a glimpse into your life.

    My dom introduced me to insex – such beautiful work even if some of it would be more than this sub could handle. Like you, I don’t know if I could ever handle such public humiliation. Yet while I find myself repulsed by it, I also find myself drawn to it.

    Thanks again for your blog. 🙂

  4. thanks very much Robin 🙂

    i think there is an element of staged theatrics to insex, but even so, it’s good perving material!

  5. Well, THOSE priestesses will know better than to live in a conquered country practicing their heretical religion, won’t they?

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