Daniela commented the other day :-

“But my advise is: leave it to the fantasy. The problem with such challenges is, you adapt to them too quickly. From time to time you want – and need – just a bit more, to get the real feeling”

She’s right of course there are some fantasies that can only work as fantasies and not in reality. There is one specific fantasy this girl who would just never work in reality. Being kidnapped.

The idea of being grabbed by masked men, tied up, tortured maybe, deprived of sleep and mindfucked is very erotic, but it’s just not practical for this girl.

Apart from anything else she has read of many stupid kidnap scenes where police attention has been drawn or other such hiccups that really just show how daft some people can be.

The main reason though is that she cannot guarantee what her reactions would be. After her ex partner, this girl had for a very long time a huge paranoia about security, and still does to some extent, to the point where she is a relatively shallow sleeper and the slightest noise would wake her and certainly if she heard anyone in the house she would panic and either totally crap herself or attack the person or both! She hates to think of the idea of the ‘kidnapper’ then being Grimly and her possibly attacking him during the taking. On the other hand if she knew about the kidnapping beforehand so she wouldn’t act as though it was real it would defeat the main causes of the adrenaline rush and also the object entirely.

For those reasons it has to be something that very much stays a fantasy.

One of this girl’s favorite such of kidnapping and interrogation scenes is in V for Vendetta in which the heroine, Evey, is black bagged by someone and then taken away to be tortured into revealing details about V. Her hair is cut, she is isolated, tortured, and then at the end it turns out her captor is also her hero , and the man she has inadvertently fallen in love with. The moment when she realises this and goes out into the rain after accepting what’s happened is a very moving moment. For reasons that this girl probably doesn’t need to explain (at least to regular readers), she totally relates to this feeling of being in love with the torturer, the only difference for this girl is that she has always known his identity.

This girl watched another film about a kidnap at the weekend too. The disappearance of Alice Creed starring Gemma Arterton. The film is a low-budget british drama and for only having three actors and sparse set and costumes it was very good. Well, at least the first half hour and the last half hour – the middle was a bit convoluted.

In the film, the men are shown readying a flat for being the place to hold the victim, they are shown picking the van, picking the bed, picking the attachments in B&Q to tie her to it – sound familiar? 😉

Anyway, when they take Alice they black bag here and tie her to the bed, cut her clothes off in a pretty dramatic way and then leave her naked, ball gagged and bound.

Also, after when she is taken to a different location when the kidnappers pick up the ransom money she is again effectively bound to railings with a sort of metal device round her neck and chains, and then left in the predicament of not being quite able to reach the key without causing herself distress….this girl has been in that position too!

Anyhow, people who relate to the kidnapping fantasy would probably relate to this story , and also those who like strong female characters being tested and head fucked a bit!

Hmm now where can this girl find a man who likes those type of girls? 😉

5 thoughts on “Kidnapped!

  1. Well this girl has one of those men. If I can’t have thisgirl, maybe thatgirl would like me to black bag her 😉

  2. Kidnap fantasy runs so deep inside me too and it’s something i’ve thought about so much! So i had to check out Alice Creed and it’s such a fab film. Really gets me excited 🙂

    Btw, did you pick up my email i sent the other day?

    t. x

  3. Tim – she’s hot! Or was in her day!

    tp, i shall bear that in mind 😉 yes replied now….been away and a little tied up! 😉

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