This girl has just finished watching the new BBC program, The Magicians. It is most definitely worth a look on i-player or you-tube for lovers of magic tricks.

This is a new series where different magicians team up with celebrities to show case magic tricks. This girl with spell-bound throughout the program. She was wide-eyed throughout and it was very enjoyable it’s the perfect sort of escapism for a saturday night when she hasn’t got Grimly here to otherwise entertain her! Apart from anything else there was a straight jacket escapology scene complete with inverted suspension. Though, the straight jacket used didn’t look half as the restrictive as the ones Grimly has.

This girl has always loved magic. She grew up in the eighties and so watching the Paul Daniels show was a regular thing on a saturday night. Β Also, she used to have a very close friend who was in the magic circle, he wasn’t very good though he nearly burnt down the local football stadium when doing a trick involving fire at a hospitality event there!

This girl would love to be a magicians assistant. The glittery outfits, the amazing sky-high shoes and the glamour would be fun, but the bit she would love the most would be the risk of the extraordinary stunts. She’d like Grimly to eventually get round to making some sort of bondage magic box maybe with dildos and electrodes poking through instead of swords πŸ˜‰

However the trick she would like to try the most is similar to the picture shown below. This has been something that has been a fantasy of this girl for at least a decade.

If there is anyone out there who can facilitate such a scene please do get in touch, though it needs to be something spectacular and authentic. Not being tied up in the bath!

The reason why being trapped in a box with the waters rising is so erotic for this girl is because of how much adrenaline that amount of fear and anxiety would pump round her body. Wondering whether she would get out in time, or whether the water would stop just above her nostrils. It would be so amazing, and magical.

BDSM is of course magical anyway when it gets to those adrenaline filled moments where the mind plays tricks with the body to interpret the sensations and tortures that are being inflicted.

This girl isn’t sure how much of a magician she could make out of Grimly though….there’s not a rabbit on this planet that would want to be pulled out of THAT hat of his! πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Spell-bound

  1. i’d rather give it a can of petrol and some matches…

    no seriously…i’d miss it if it was gone…i’d have to find something else to wind him up about!

  2. question is: is the water (ice)cold or bathtub warm? Seems important in the urgency of the escape (or not). I dont see any icecubes on the picture but no steam also.
    What would you prefer?

  3. i think similar temperature to that used in a swimming pool – not cold but not hot either just right.

    perhaps i should get a goldilocks outfit πŸ˜‰

  4. surely grimly can arrange this after all its only a plastic tube although to make it more interesting you could put level sensors inside to trigger vibrators and other equipment as the water reaches certain levels keep up this blog as i do enjoy reading it

  5. Hello thisgirl!! First of all, thanks for your great blog and for sharing all these thoughts and pictures with us!
    I think I know what you mean with precisely this fantasy. I have seen some similar, even better, pictures at intotheatic.com. What a feeling that must be!!

    But my advise is: leave it to the fantasy. The problem with such challanges is, you adapt to them too quickly. From time to time you want – and need – just a bit more, to get the real feeling. In the end it will kill all your fantasy – and maybe even more…

    Be careful! Stay happy!! hugs, Daniela from Denmark

  6. i think he could eventually at the moment the problem is the space to do it! it is most definitely one for the future, Adswar.

    Daniela, thank you so much for your comment and i understand completely where you are coming from, there are fantasies that should stay fantasies. I mean i could have told you that i want to be suspended over a shark tank like in the bond films – i do – but would never actually do it, apart from anything else my shark fobia! I got scared of a basking shark on holiday in Cornwall!

    I would only do water bondage if the circumstances were right and it was safe and controlled. A lot of the things i’ve done with Grimly would be dangerous if they were undertaken without the right amount of caution and knowledge.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be a candidate for a Darwin Award thats for sure!

    Whilst our play is sometimes edgy and keeps me on the brink i also have the knowledge at the back of my head that he knows what he is doing and that he is always vigilant of my reactions good and bad.

    Thanks again for your first comments guys! πŸ™‚

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