Changing rooms

Here is an IKEA advert that was banned for its fetish undertone. That and probably the offensive swedish triplets!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video gave this girl a few ideas though of how handy it would be to have a house that could easily be ‘flipped over’ just by moving a few innocent items around and suddenly turning them into immensely perverse ones, and then vice versa again after use.

Grimly is lucky in that at his house he can leave the playroom more or less set up all the time and doesn’t have to worry about hiding things in draws. However, this girl’s family are more likely to plan surprise visits than his and therefore her house has to be relatively covert. Right up until now, this hasn’t been a problem since play mostly happens at his and then couple stuff here. However that will need to change when Grimly lets his house go and moves in. This girl’s house has a lot of potential for kink and it’s likely the attic will become the playroom though much work needs to be done to get it ready. But yes, it would be fun to have the rest of the house adaptable too. It is a bit already, in that at least the carpets are less offensive, but a few handy items of furniture and kit could be handy. There are a few ideas here for the living room, and here for the bedroom – as a sort of starting point but so much more could be done.

In some ways it’s a pity that kink has to be partly hidden , but then, sometimes personal relaxing space is needed and so there needs to be a way of having a place to relax but also a place to be fun as well.

Well like everything it will work out in the end, but may require quite a few trips to IKEA for things to modify. Grimly has already used kitchen rails from there as spreader bars, trestles for the medical bed and a few other bits and pieces, it’s just really a matter of how far the imagination can go.  Whenever this girl and Grimly go to IKEA he drools over the little machine that’s in the exhibit about how good the drawers are. lol

Though…probably his imagination can go MUCH further than this 😉

3 thoughts on “Changing rooms

  1. I’ve only recently found your blog so I thought I’d say hi! That advert is brilliant – love it. The idea of furniture that turns from kinky into “vanilla” so easily is great. However as you mentioned, IKEA is great for pervertables. On a spanking shoot recently I got put over a wonderful spanking bench. The sort that leaves you bent right over, toes barely touching the floor, it was great. However, asking the producer afterwards where he got it from, it turns out that it was an IKEA bar stall!! It’s the sort of thing you could have around the house and no one would bat an eye to!!!


  2. Looking at the ad showing the slavegirl serving as an IKEA table implies an exceedingly ribald new use for an Allen wrench!

  3. hi Nimue thanks for your comments 🙂 love what you do with Shadowslaves.

    We used to have a box from IKEA that was a useful spanking bench – like this one discussed on ic here though it took up too much space for us so we gave it away to a friend, it was quite handy for storage though!

    Indeed Ollie lol

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