Reading too much into things?

It must have been a lot of people got those Kindle e-reader things for Christmas since everyone sat on the train near this girl was using them on the way to work today. This girl finds them odd. It’s like a computer *trying* to be a book – with a pretend leather cover and everything.

Perhaps she’s getting old but the kindle is a piece of technology she fails to understand, and that is a statement coming from a technosexual 🙂 This girl admits there are certain things she reads electronically whilst commuting – emails (which she then forgets to reply to – sorry!) and sometimes blogs and things (though she has to skip the ones with naughty pics!) since its sometimes the most amount of time on a work day that she has to read these things and takes her mind a bit of the commute, but reading a whole book electronically just seems a totally alien idea. Since she cannot comprehend how flicking through a little computer screen can compare to the feel and smell of paper.

This particular electronic gadget wont be here in 50 years, it will be something else. Books should still be around. Some of them old and battered, their pages browning from age. Books are a part of history in a sort of tangible way that the internet and virtual information isn’t. Storing information that might fill a library on a computer is efficient, but it’s cold in comparison.  If there was some sort of virus that killed all computers, or made it so that everything read electronically was monitored then having books would be priceless, yet less and less people seem to be reading them in public.

This girl often is interested to see what people read, maybe its nosy, but its interesting to gauge a bit about the person, or if not them, maybe about the person who bought the book. This girl is currently reading the girl who kicked the hornets nest – if there are any other larsson  fans out there do comment 🙂 That perhaps might say she likes thrillers with a bit of sexual violence and intrigue? But lately a lot of what she reads just says that she’s bought a 3 for 2 in waterstones lol. No seriously though, this girl does enjoy more classical literature and there are books that she can read like friends especially books from her childhood like the Chronicles of Narnia (harry potter = rubbish in comparison)

Sometimes this girl reads fetish fiction. Not often  however, since whilst there is most definitely an element of escapism to it most fetish books annoy this girl before half way through because they either have some sort of sexual activity every couple of pages or are just so far removed from her  own subjective understanding of BDSM. Characters in BDSM novels never have periods or colds or have to go and see their parents. They don’t have to hold down a job or trudge up to the train station in the snow. They don’t have the stolen moments they have the full on thing constantly. But ok  none of those things fit anyone’s fantasy do they lol.

Yeah . OK> This girl’s a bit green-eyed. There are times when she would love a life incorporating more structured bdsm and more time to enjoy it than stolen weekends here and there. Perhaps even just short-term. Lately she has done very little BDSM, and so as such there is not very much to write about apart from thoughts that are already in head.

This girl hasn’t missed it too much in the sense that the time with him was worth so much more than having a man about to hurt her. It stopped being about that a long time ago. If this girl was still only looking forward to seeing Grimly for the purpose of getting hurt and bound and fucked into infinity (and beyond 😉 ) then there wouldn’t be enough to base a marriage on.

This girl feels bad though that maybe people come here expecting to read about some insane kinky life. Honestly it’s not the case. There are splashes here and there , well in fact, let’s face it , great big fucking dives into madness, but that just can’t be maintained all the time.

Christmas and new year came and went, and was mostly pretty vanilla. This girl is not complaining however. It was perfect. She had lots of time with Grimly , and with friends, and a good break of work, and that was what she ended up needing much more than the bondage. Lots of other things are happening like wedding plans and so on and later in the year there will be enough kink to fill up an entire decade no doubt. There is all the time in the world to get tied up, for the moment though she just needs to sit here and read about it !

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.  ~Oscar Wilde

9 thoughts on “Reading too much into things?

  1. With all due respect to good old-fashioned paper books, lugging more than one around on a long commute can be problematic, while the Kindle (and its eBook counterparts) lets one bring an entire library with them. Plus they’re just plain *cool*, what with the e-ink and all.

    With all due respect to normal, healthy relationships and balanced, productive, rich, full lives, you gotta admit, a story about someone spending an entire weekend as a ponygirl or rubberdoll trumps a story about antique hunting every damn time.

    That having been said, I would never begrudge a prolific blogger her right to surround herself with dozens of books, to occasionally go out to buy groceries or see a concert while not secretly wearing a chastity belt or even to opt to blog about such vanilla pursuits from time to time.

    So, um, glad to hear that there’s more to your life and your relationship than just the titillating stuff, but equally glad to hear that you’re not ready to convert the basement dungeon into a place for canning fruit and quilting just yet!

  2. What makes your blog so special is that it is not bondage fiction. It is the way shit happens and how it realistically can work in this world. Like Mr. and Mrs. KC before you, you get insight into what efforts it takes to be together for some fun, and how sometimes doing real life can be just as rewarding. Looking forward to the day you two are together( is there a date set?) to see and hear about the dynamics of how this works into your married (and in the same place) world. The advantage btw of an Ipad over a book is that you can read, or have a long session of hunting with Angry birds. An game for Sue (shapeshifter) to try is Ragdolls

  3. Happy New year very good blog. It made me feel old with the Narnia it was the first book i read and it was The lion the witch and the wardrob, fantastic book

  4. Ollie, i agree with you in the point that it does save space…but for me reading and literature shouldn’t be about efficiency….unless maybe i was reading mein kampf lol

    haha no i am not about to take up a load of boring pursuits , i am trying to learn to machine sew though but thats for perverted reasons anyway lol.

    thanks Tim, yes we have a date set but we’re only really telling family and the people who are invited. i’m trying to keep the wedding details private. Though, we’re also hoping to have a fetish wedding in Canada so i’ll probably post the pics of that after the event! Grim is hoping to move here though in the early summer all being well with work related factors.

    thanks Sue & Keith. It wasn’t the first book i read i think the first one was roger red hat LOL but its one of the first books i read when i could choose to read for myself, i think i started reading the entire seven of them after the tv adaptation here in the 80s which is when i was a kid. My favourite being the horse and his boy no suprises there lol. I also loved the Railway Children, Wind in the willows and the Secret Garden as well and i had lovely versions of those.

  5. We love our kindle for a lot of reasons. I read a lot, and fast. When I travel, I no longer have to fill my suitcase with paperbacks. My wife and I often read the same books – like when Harry Potter, Twilight or the latest True Blood books came out. Now, she reads it on the kindle, and I use the kindle reader app on my phone. No more fighting over who reads first. Also, I don’t romanticize a bound pile of paper. The paper is the “medium”. The book, to me, is the “information” printed on the medium. Information is much easier to deal with, more compact, and can be backed up. If my kindle falls in a puddle, I haven’t lost my books, just the medium. I can re-download the books into a fresh kindle at no charge.

    I also love the fact that any time I have my phone (which is ALWAYS), I have a selection of books with me at all times. I no longer have to lug a few paperbacks in my backpack, so I have something to read at the Doctors office, or while waiting at a restaurant. It makes it easier to read when I want to read, without being burdened by having to lug around one more thing.

    I think there are a lot of people (and I’m probably describing you) who love the touch, feel and smell of old books… who find going into a library a profound experience. I actually hate libraries. They’re musty, smell of mold, and I can’t do a string search on that stack of books, looking for a passage I read once. lol. I’ve met people, though, who would spend a week at a library to avoid 10 minutes of searching on Google. That’s just not me. hehe.

    Anyway, different strokes for different folks. I really agree that there is a disconnect between the lovers and haters of e-readers. We’ll probably never understand each other! That’s OK, though. That makes the world interesting!

  6. My Master is a over-the-road truck driver and I ride with Him. The kindell would be very convenient because of the lack of storage but in all honesty it isn’t the same. Nothing beats the feel of leather bindings or the weight of the novel in your hands! I’ve never gotten the craze of electronic books.. What happened to spying on people while they read? I to enjoy finding what others read.
    Personally I’m a classic literature fan. Right now its Jane Austen. Who knows next might be Shakespear. 🙂

  7. I really love the touch and feel of books (and the smell!), but unfortunately have a medical condition that makes holding physical books painful and difficult. I haven’t broken down and bought an e-reader yet, but I do a good portion of my reading these days on the computer or my phone. It was really convenient when I was commuting to have all the books on my phone, but I think I’d have stuck with physical books even then if holding them up wasn’t such a problem.

  8. Thanks for all the comments, never expected this post to get so much attention, but then reading is a very personal thing that people can feel extremely passionate about.

    For fiction i think i’ll always prefer books, though for research and looking things up then technology has its place for speed, but a research library is still very interesting as well and a more challenging and intellectual experience. I’m far from a luddite, if it wasn’t for technology i wouldnt have met Grimly, but i still love my books !

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