Reinventing the wheel?

This girl found this video of a ponygirl training wheel, it’s short and sweet. Though the pony girl should be high stepping properly!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It probably wouldnt be hard to put a similar outfit together – a catsuit, pony boots, armbinder and extreme posture collar – this girl has all those. But she doesn’t have an indoor training wheel! Though..wait….she does have a man with a welder 😉

It would be so handy at the moment since it is so long since this girl did any pony play. The last time really being when she played on the treadmill at Geetwo & Maxi’s. It is much longer since she did any outdoors pony play since whilst she had hoped to get to the pony fields when down in Wales it didn’t happen because it just rained way too much.

The training wheel appeals to this girl more than the treadmill. There is something about it that is just more erotic, perhaps because it’s sort of not originally meant for human training, it’s something meant originally for a pet that’s been adapted to suit the requirements of a man with his own pet girl.

This girl likes the bondage in the video as well, it clearly shows the pony girl really has no choice but to keep walking the wheel indefinitely. There is no way of stopping the machine unless her kind owner chooses to stop it.

This girl did a bit more looking into the idea of women trapped in such devices…and whilst there is also a lot of good fiction on this subject published….there also happens to be a girl based in Japan who often does art projects as a human hamster.

Rather niche….but….its Japan…there’s an interview of her here….and video below

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sako Kojima, posted with vodpod

Whatever next ? 😉

2 thoughts on “Reinventing the wheel?

  1. Hope you’ve got a large room somewhere, that training wheel would have a huge diameter!

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