In a bind

Here is a picture of this girl taken during Captive Kink‘s visit in September. The picture shows her wearing a darlexx hobble dress (made by Winter Fetish) which Captive Kink had brought with him and her own corset and armbinder and extremely high shoes!

This girl is definitely going to buy one of these dresses when she has a bit of money spare, though at the moment there is a very long shopping list of things she wants! The darlexx is a bit like zentai, it’s stretchy and flattering, but its rubberised as well and much thicker.

It seemed to have some sort of magical quality of holding all the wobbly bits in and making her curves go where they are supposed to. She pretty much had to be poured into it (like Olivia Newton John with those leggings in Grease) but it was worth the twisting and contorting for how it felt when it was all fastened up.

The darlexx and suits made by Winter Fetish are quite commonly seen on House of Gord, since it helps give a blank canvas to show off his mad inventions. This girl likes that because it gives enough of a clue as to what is going on without turning too pornographic. This girl doesn’t really like looking at pictures of naked women. She likes looking at pictures of sexy women in bondage, but sometimes clothing can help encourage the imagination and sometimes like shown in the picture above adds to the bondage anyway!

She couldn’t walk far in that dress that’s for sure!

5 thoughts on “In a bind

  1. however do you manage that single glove. my gf wants it so badly but is crying her eyes out even during fastening (not even tight) becouse of shoulderpain.

    The fact you have curves is so nice. Some models are so skinny there are just corners and no curves. (living from one tomato a week?) The curves are helping in showing who you are. Helping yes, becouse your (or her in my case) personality is 600% of her attractiveness.

    (excuse my English, its not my native tongue, yet my English is a lot better (i think) than your Dutch πŸ™‚ )

  2. thanks Bellmaster that’s really sweet of you πŸ™‚

    Dutch Falcon, there are exercises that can be done, i’ll see if i can get Grimly to take some pictures when he is here over the festive period to explain our method, but essentially it just takes time and patience and a few exercises to help relax the muscles πŸ™‚

    There is nothing wrong with your english…my dutch…i can talk double dutch…thats about it πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for your comments stay tuned for a little armbinder tutorial hopefully maybe next week!

  3. I agree with Dutch Falcon – you are a real woman and real women have curves in all the right places. You look great and deserve all the compliments you get.

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