Time Restraints

This girl was reading a thread the other day about the timing of relationships. As in, whether people had found their partners at the right time or whether it would have been better at some other moment.

Of course it’s easy to say that she wishes Grimly came into her life sooner, because why wouldn’t she want to have as much time with him as possible. However, in reality, earlier in life the whole relationship thing might not have worked. He might have just freaked her out a little too much! (although he did a pretty good job as it is!)

She perhaps needed to experience a bit of kink before going right in at the deep end, to know it was what she wanted and to have something else to compare being with him too. Some of the experiences this girl had before she met Grimly were pretty bad, but some of them were good too. Though to be honest most of the good experiences were with women and not men. Maybe there is something about women (both sub and dom) that they understand each other’s bodies better and know how to both cause pain and pleasure with maximum effect.

Anyhow, she wouldn’t have been ready for him when she first got into BDSM. The bits of experience she gained were useful for at the very least a point of reference and comparison.

She would have also been too young.

This girl met Grimly when she was 24 and he was 45. Some people (mostly vanilla types) thought the age difference was wrong and didn’t get it, and possibly would have objected more if she had met him when she was younger than that. At 24 this girl was relatively mature she’d lived away from home for a couple of years and so was less like some wide eyed kid. Until she saw his playroom 😉

Anyhow, any younger and she would not have been ready to know that it was physically, mentally or psychologically what she wanted, so from that perspective the timing was right.  A few months sooner might have been good and then perhaps she would have taken on less financial commitments with her ex, but well, that’s life.

The timing for meeting Grimly wasn’t perfect, it would have helped not to have been in an unhappy relationship with someone else at the time, that got messy, but well in the long run its worked out.

It got this girl thinking about timing, and clocks. Something that dictates her life pretty much on a daily basis just like everyone else. The alarm going off, clocking on at work , going for breaks at the right time, going for lunch at the right time, clocking off at the right time, it dictates the whole day on the days she’s at work, and she spends most of those days just wishing the time away and hoping the time for something more exciting gets a bit closer.

Sometimes it would be nice to freeze time at a more interesting moment, a moment that isn’t preoccupied with work or alarm clocks going off. Provided of course she was frozen with company and entertainment!

This girl found this drawing (possibly originally one of those second life things) where a girl is trapped inside a grandfather clock.

It could be done better, but it has given this girl a few ideas of what it would be like to be encased inside a clock, possibly trapped inside the dark listening to only the hypnotic ticking, which could perhaps be synced with electronic pulses and the body slowly swinging in suspension like a pendulum. At each hourly chime the torture could commence, possibly building up in intensity each hour, the brain trying to count the minutes ticking down to work out roughly when the body would be tormented, but then, well, sod’s law , the clock might not keep the right time!

5 thoughts on “Time Restraints

  1. I do like the clock idea, it would be a talking point in the hall. A girl in a gold latex suit or gold spandex swinging back and forth

  2. hmm i don’t know whether thats a compliment or an insult lol

    i’ll take it as a compliment!

    i suppose people do slowly turn into each other when they’ve been together too long!

    thanks Malcolm, i think it would be fun too 🙂

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