If Carlsberg made slave girls…

A picture found on flickr……behind the break in case it offends anyone! It reminds this girl of what life might have been like with her ex dom.

15 thoughts on “If Carlsberg made slave girls…

  1. I am now well and truly put off my afternoon coffee and cake!

    Wondering, was this a serious play picture or a wind-up? Prays it was the latter!


  2. yeah put me off KFC too!

    sorry to put everyone off their food, i’m sure its a wind up a picture either posed for a joke or photoshopped a bit.

    i am sure there are some subs out there who would say if their dom wanted to eat take out off them then they would have to accept it and get on with it.

    if MY dom tried it he’d be either wearing the takeaway or the carpet would lol.

  3. It’s from a website. Just search for The Minion and it should be on the first page.

    It’s just your run of the mill niche fetish porn, not a wind up or a joke.

  4. You’re welcome. It’s like that videotape in The Ring. I feared I may die in a fit of vomiting if I didn’t pass on the source…

  5. Ha Ha Love it you are as evil as the grim at times….. btw happy Xmas to you both

  6. thanks Paul nice to hear from you its unusual for someone from Scotland to crop up here! For some reason i think all the scots are scared of us!

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