This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last

The title is a quote from ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde. A play this girl read for her A levels in literature, which she totally did not appreciate at the time, but she now understands the wit a lot more! The quote is from towards the end of the play around the time THE handbag is identified. Though the words in isolation sort of fits how this session was!

Grimly puts this girl in suspension from time to time, but decided to use the hanging cage again after not having probably used it for a few years. The problem with having kit stashed in every corner of the house is that it’s really easy to forget what is there!

He had used it on this girl not long after he had first started playing with her, but the most memorable time is when he suspended it from a tree at a friend’s play party the day he collared her. However, the drawback of it being outside was some horrible evil people decided to squirt her with water pistols. Not funny!

The hanging cage is a pretty impressive piece of kit though, and it’s something he made himself after finding the design to make the lattice. The way it works is that you stand on the wooden platform, the cage is then brought up round you and clipped at the top. The metal circle above this girl’s head is not her fallen halo , but used to stop it gathering in too much around the face. It gathers in tightly everywhere else though, and as it is suspended the cage stretches out and compresses the person inside nice and tightly. In the picture the cage is much higher off the ground than it looks and this girl was spinning around when he pushed her .

Grimly keeps meaning to make a metal hanging cage, to the exact shape of her body like a medieval gibbet a bit like this but surely with the potential for more ‘entertainment’.

Anyhow, when Grimly put this girl in the hanging cage he had first put one of his more extreme neck corsets on her and a hood. He had also put her in arm corsets too and attached these to her waist belt and thigh cuffs. Bondage that really wasn’t needed to be added since she couldn’t get out of the cage anyway, but there’s just no telling him these things lol. The way the cage constricted her made this girl feel a little as though she was almost being hanged, her head tightly against the cage, restricted by it and also by the hood and the neck corset. She knew of course that she wasn’t in any danger and just that the bondage was very very effective.

During this session nothing was going on apart from the bondage and the suspension. No electrics, no vibrators, nothing. Just bondage. Sometimes that is enough.

This girl was slowly simmering in her own juices, slightly freaking out in the darkness of the hood and the restricted feeling round her head and also round her body. It’s strange but sometimes hoods and things round her face can still freak her out a bit and make her a bit unsure and wary of things but at the same time they totally send her flying through space.  Therefore, when Grimly took her down she felt very dizzy (though he had been pushing the cage about and making it spin) and felt very floaty and very relaxed but also slightly on the edge as well.

It’s just one of those odd things with bondage sometimes its sort of freaky and there can feel a desire to want to get out of it….but then…when you do…you wish you weren’t.

Besides…it was much safer for this girl in that cage then in Grimly’s arms 😉

7 thoughts on “This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last

  1. thanks Stevie, rik no not really but it was a hectic day after that we had our collaring and also there was a big fetish party going on with lots of people there and i was literally tied up most of the night in one way or anther lol

  2. That looks so appealing. I can’t imagine how it feels but I’d love to find out!

  3. Oooh wow… you look amazing (as ever). i got to try one of these hanging cages when SG and i visited the fetish studio earlier this year… i’ll have to dig out the photo for you 🙂 It does feel really weird to be so enclosed, luckily i wasn’t hooded as i think i would have freaked out. Amazing workDomship! 😉

    t. x

  4. flirt lol. though i’m not complaining!

    yes you never did post that many pictures from the studio – let your fans see some more!

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