Sometimes it is great for this girl to have a really intense session just to remind herself how amazing all this stuff can be and almost as a sort of therapy to escape all the other headaches in life.

It can feel a bit like being a broken robot being opened up and fixed. This girl said in her previous post that she wasn’t particularly looking for a dom to fix her, but maybe, sometimes he actually does. Or gives her a fix. Depends on how you view the whole thing.

This girl is a pretty average person when it comes to it. With normal responsibilities, a job and financial commitments.  She sometimes wonders (for maybe a few seconds – and no more than that!) what it would be like to be in a sort of permanently captivated state and living like one of those women she sometimes reads about who have nothing to do but make sure their masters have everything they might ever desire. But that’s not really her thing. It’s sometimes interesting to dream about, of living in a fantasy world all the time but it’s not really practical. It would be like living in Narnia. Whilst that might be one of the ultimate adventures sooner or later those talking animals might get a bit irritating! Besides, anything that is fun and a hobby can cease to be fun if it becomes just a bit too commonplace and everyday.

This girl likes her BDSM being an adventure, but one that she can escape away from as well as escape to.

There is a downside to that of course. Sometimes its hard to adjust from normality to kink. Especially when she sees Grimly she has more to catch up on than just the kink, as in , she wants to spend time with him as a partner as well. Sometimes its hard going from ‘couple mode’ to sort of D/s mode. Of course there are things where a lot of elements of both cross over, and this girl is always his no matter what, but sometimes it’s hard going from cuddling on the sofa to intense bdsm. That sort of transitional bit.

That’s why anything that involves sensory deprivation is a plus. Anything that helps this girl’s mind relax into being somewhere else and just relaxing.

Last week Grimly wrapped this girl up in latex and strapped her down to the medical bed. Being unable to move and being unable to do anything until he decides what is going to happen helps that transportation to some other zone. It’s pointless trying to do anything other than relax, she can’t move. Being helpless at his mercy, vulnerable and exposed makes this girl feel almost as though she is someone else. Something else. Some toy to be played with and modified. He then started adding wires, this time it was to her nipples and to her vagina. He slowly built up the power and listened to her occasional murmur. Gradually he added the blindfold to the mask and the gag and increased the electricity till her body was pulsing all over and added the stimulation of the eroscillator.  Sneakily he added poppers through a breathing mask and tormented her time and time again to several orgasms. Some of them forced when she wasn’t ready for them, and some of them as relief for when she was desperate for them. It was hard to tell the difference!  All the while he was whispering things in her head. Private things, but things that program the head of his brainwashed girl just that little bit more.

When this girl is in that state, strapped down, electrocuted, and blissed out from way way too many orgasms her mind will listen to anything because the body has pretty much given in to letting anything he wants to happen to it. Her mind will listen to anything at all that he says.

4 thoughts on “Rewiring

  1. Do you find the poppers to last very long? It seems as though their original intention (for sexual use) is primarily for gay men to relax during anal sex, maybe that’s an urban myth.

  2. Oh you poor thing, I feel so sorry for you…not!

    Looks and sounds absolutely amazing, very jealous!


  3. They last me long enough, for what we need. normally we just use them for the purposes of tipping already intense play right over the edge . i think the butt sex thing is a bit of a myth having poppers before doing anal play doesnt really help me. i’m better feeling clean i.e. enema etc than using those as such.

    The way poppers work is they relax the muscles and increase blood flow round the body, i dont think its healthy to use them overly just a few sniffs when things are at intensity.

    i have heard of gay men over using them and can trigger/ worsen heart conditions/stroke. But i think thats only if you go places (like gay clubs) where the atmosphere is totally laced with it and have those sorts of conditions in your genetics to begin with. I think moderation is what i’m trying to say.

  4. Wow.. That sounds like a dream..
    I envy you that you have alive this 🙂

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