Slot Machine

Found when looking for something else entirely! A human slot machine…A christmas present for Grimly??

This girl used to spend a lot of summers at the arcades on your average 80’s seaside holidays and therefore going to play the slots was quite common, whether it be the one arm bandits or the flippers. Though, like most things associated with growing up and the eighties, she’d never really thought about how a simple seaside pursuit could be manipulated into kink. Though its so obvious ! This little picture has triggered so many ideas and permutations.

This girl wonders how hard it would be to buy a dilapidated arcade machine and turn it into something kinky, housing a tortured girl inside whose torment could be initiated by a passerby inserting a coin and watching the entertainment unfold.Although, perhaps it wouldn’t be Grimly’s thing – having to pay to torture his own slave not something a Scotsman would do now is it 😉 Though of course he would possibly let others do it if it amused him and if he knew what was happening was due to his technological deviance as opposed to someone else actually getting their hands physically on her.

Of course, the idea of any slot machine is to have the element of chance and for the arcade to make money by the gambler gradually desiring the outcome or the ‘jackpot’ even more and spending more money by being teased with the chance of a win.

This girl used to particularly like ‘monopoly machines’ which, if you got three symbols in a row gave you the chance to go round the board and get a bigger jackpot. She got the jackpot a few times, but the amount of times she got 2 of the 3 symbols was unbelievable. ‘One more go….one more go and i’ll win £100’ hmmm…yeah right lol.

A bdsm version of that could be set so that sometimes the player is teased by watching the ‘game genie’s’ tits being tortured and then another time watching her reaction to her cunt being electrocuted…and then….only…once in 50 times or so watching a full ensemble of torture and torment.

Of course there are so many possibilities of how it could be done….it’s just being able to work out the electronic engineering. Surely there must be a couple of geeks out there into bdsm that would love the idea of combining eighties style gaming and tormenting women?

Such an invention could definitely make Blackpool a bit more interesting!

No wait….it’s still in Lancashire. 😛

(apologies to any non uk readers who haven’t had the joys of a british seaside holiday!)

10 thoughts on “Slot Machine

  1. This puts me in mind of the humanoid pinball machine scene in the 1992 version of The Wicked City. Can’t find the clip to link! xx

  2. I like this idea, it could be made to be very diabolical! I think I will have to find a machine to work from, it might take a bit of time but if I get it to work thisgirl will no doubt let you know what it is like. Who knows at a £1 a go it might even make a small profit.

  3. Sue i think maybe i’ve come across it before as it sounds familiar i can find articles about it but no pics 😦 oh well!

    Keith….please do not swear on my blog 😛

    Grimly, shall i get you a better heater for your shed? lol

  4. Hi.
    Couldn’t help myself… I love my arcade machines. And we have got Grimly’s back… every arcade machine that I ever worked on/with always have a coin override switch. No trouble for him to make that control wireless. 😉

    I am picturing a programmable controller would be ideal… that way you could program in complete random logic or even a joystick to manipulate how logic elements are weighted.

    Yum! -Cheers, SwitchSpace.

  5. I love this idea – you could run with it so many ways! The most obvious would be to have an arcade-game sized box with a submissive in it where passersby could insert coins, pull a handle and randomly generate any number of torments for the girl — e-stim on various body parts for various durations, clitoral stimulation, sensory deprivation, etc., but you really wouldn’t have to limit yourself to what debaucheries could be fit into the arcade game itself: why not just have it with a live video/audio feed to the submissive off somewhere else in an even more fiendish device like “The Thing”?!?

    I love the idea of having something like this at a big fetish event and using all of the money gained for some charity. Submissives could volunteer for shifts inside the game (or be “volunteered” by their dom/mes).

    This post really jump-started my imagination. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i would volunteer! Sounds a great idea. Used to love playing on arcade machines down South coast 😉

    t. x

  7. thanks Ollie, i think i like the idea of the girl being trapped in the machine and then the person playing the game being tormented too by the fact they can look but not directly touch yet so close yet so far.

    t, if this ever comes to fruition i may take you up on your kind offer!

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