Follow my leader?

Recently this girl went away for the weekend with a specialist car group she belongs to. Note – the car in the picture isn’t hers – if only!  Her car is worth a lot less, and not a classic – just old!

It is slightly odd because since owning her current car this girl has found that car ownership can be a fetish all of its own if you have the type of car that is something a bit more special than one that gets you from A to B. Some cars are like people they need a bit of pampering and spoiling from time to time – some more than others! Since having this car this girl has spent more on it than BDSM. Possibly at one point Grimly was worried that it was going to take over from this girl’s other hobbies – but it hasn’t.

Anyhow – its pretty much her pride and joy, so when she found out that there were other people with the same interest – in the same way she found there were other people into bdsm – she decided to try to meet some of them.

The funny thing is – a group of car enthusiasts are no different to a group of fetishists. They talk about random stuff, they come from all walks of life, but all have that one particular thing in common. So anyhow this girl decided to go to an event with them.

It was not her thing. Grimly had told her that it wouldn’t be. Yes. HE TOLD HER SO! Sorry Master next time this girl will listen to you!

She ended up driving in a lot of traffic in the rain on roads that might otherwise have been spectacular – especially if there wasn’t any other traffic! This girl is a girl racer not a curb crawler – she really would like a latex Penelope Pitstop outfit yet funnily enough nowhere seems to sell them. Too niche??

Anyhow its had this girl thinking. She doesn’t really like being a follower. As in, following other people sheep fashion which essentially is what that was like. It’s no fun being one of many.

At school this girl was a bit of a follower. Just someone who blended in with the crowd and didn’t particularly stand out. She stood out academically but that was really was the only thing that made anyone notice her. Sometimes just going along with a crowd of peers is not a good thing, and a bit dull. This girl has never really enjoyed being someone who just blends in that no one notices and that just goes along with the majority and does what everyone else is doing. Its boring.

This girl would rather stand out a bit more. That comes to BDSM as well. Before this girl met Grimly it seemed that a lot of people do the same sorts of things and never get really all that adventurous. This girl has always wanted adventures, to experience new things and go places and to see how close to reality the thoughts and possibilities of things in her head can become.  Though sometimes you don’t need to go further than your own backyard to experience a world of adventures, but then sometimes the grass is a bit greener on the other side.

With STEFFY , October 2009

8 thoughts on “Follow my leader?

  1. If you ever find those latex PP outfits…let me know! 😉

  2. PP outfit
    suggest you seek out elena latex on ebay uk
    wife just had a bespoke catsuit made in leather – could not have been better if painted on her for fit (you need around 40 dims)

    understand fully the one marque clique – had the same with motorbikes in the past until i withdrew and now just ride for the hell of it which is why i started although i did meet my wife in the middle of field in the lake district via bikes so there are benefits

  3. yes i reckon i’ll need to go down the bespoke route! though there are so many other things i want too….

    i can see why a lady in leather in the lakes would appeal ! It would appeal to me too!

  4. “i can see why a lady in leather in the lakes would appeal ! It would appeal to me too!”
    ha! did’nt see that one coming!
    actually it was the bottle of cider between her cleavage that caught the intrest originally and it went on from there oh and long distance relationship do work longterm even though nowhere near satisfactory i’m in UAE for 3 years now (and for a while more too methinks with the tanked UK economy with wife and kids dogs and toybox etc back home) but it makes skype conversations “fun”

  5. But if Grimly jerks you chain(s), you will follow in a flash !

  6. I know how you feel with the meeting of car fanatics. I went to 1 with a spitfire my pride and joy. All I wanted to do was drive the thing. The fanatics only intrested in the teck side (what a bag of bollocks)

  7. oh no dp drink driving a no-no lol. yea economy is pretty screwed here, your missus is really lucky to have you overseas working your socks off!

    PhilR, thanks, not something i can get to this week but i will watch out for it some other time 🙂

    Keith, the car people i’ve met dont even know about the technical side of stuff. lol. Though luckily i have Grim for that!

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