Alice and the mad hatter part 2

(Alice in wonderland – but not any Wonderland that Lewis Carroll would have expected…..)


Alice tried to remember what had happened. She had remembered walking through the forest and talking to the Cheshire Cat and then the rest was fuzzy.

She slowly opened her eyes and found that she was no longer in the forest. She was not in any sort of place she recognized. Alice tried to move, but found her hands and feet and body all restrained into some sort of contraption. She could not move even a finger.

Gradually, Alice’s memory flooded back to her she remembered the feeling of strong arms grabbing hold of her and the strong smell of some type of chemical that has caused her to faint into the arms of her abductor. She couldn’t remember what he looked like, only his hat, a rather weather-beaten rancher’s hat. How strange someone in this country would wear one such thing. Alice found it quite amusing and quite mad. Presumably it was the man in the hat who had placed her in her current bondage.

She suddenly became aware of the full extent of her predicament. Not only was she bound but her dress had been lifted in such a way and her underwear removed so that her body was totally covered except for her sexual parts. With her legs tied in a very open position, anyone could do absolutely anything to her and she would not be able to move or to protest. However, due to the screen her lifted dress presented, she could not see any part of flesh herself.

The man in the hat returned.

She tried to speak. To protest. Even to scream, but she found she could not find her voice. Perhaps whatever it was he had drugged her with had also left her throat dry, but she could not manage even a whimper.

The man in the hat did not seem to wish to entertain any plea for mercy or any comment from her. He busied himself tampering with something between her legs, screwing something off the base of the chair she was sitting on and replacing it with something else. She then felt his fingers pulling apart her labia and felt something cold and hard being inserted into her cunt. She almost gasped as it was inserted but no sound came out. He then moved away from her and she heard a switch being flicked. The dildo within her cunt began to move, slowly in and out and then gradually getting faster until it built up to a speed that was brutal and unrelenting. Her vagina felt sore as the device continued to ravage her. She felt humiliated. Still dressed and yet bound in this chair and subjected to sexual torture. Why was he doing this?

She then felt the man place another device right against her clit, causing it to vibrate and ensuring that her body was pushed right to the edge…..she wasn’t sure whether the man planned to use this as some sort of sexual torture or whether, actually, he was just doing something very nice instead.

Either way. One thing was certain.

He was most definitely mad, and absolutely had no taste in hats.

Alice however was most definitely captivated and under his spell whatever his sinister intentions towards her might be. What else could she do other than submit to his desires and accept that whatever he wanted to do to her body would happen regardless of any protest. Clearly, whilst he was so very very mad, Alice was as sane as she had ever been. Whether she would remain so if his administrations continued….who could say?


10 thoughts on “Alice and the mad hatter part 2

  1. Agrees with Sue, you two are wonderful. Keep up the fine work

  2. Oh foolish Alice, suspended now upon a phalic;
    you should have run, but wanted fun?
    an so – restrained you are – in that grim palace !

  3. Wow, quite interesting. I’ve just started to learn all about virtual sex. I would consider this one of sorts. Would love to hear more about the experience. Courage, my dear, courage!

  4. rik, this is why girls have it better than men – multiple orgasms 😉 heheh

    M1mk, i guess so in some respects since its a machine and not a person…and yet…its controlled by a person…so….not entirely virtual 😉

  5. lovely piece of literature indeed, will be here any continuation of other tales… Like Red hat ? 😉 rubberkisses martin&eva

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