The spirit is willing…

But sometimes the flesh is weak and the body just cannot live up the expectations placed on it.

Its annoying when that happens. Mostly this girl’s body does what she wants it to though there are times when it lets her down. Like last weekend.

She’d been looking forward to a visit to Grimly’s for weeks and had bought a new outfit (watch this space) especially and was generally looking forward to a whole lot of fun and sex and everything else. However, she got the cold and just her mind was not on BDSM or sex or any of that. She had dinner on friday night then fell asleep pretty much till the next morning.  Ok so this isn’t telling you a lot about bdsm, but this is how things are in reality. Sometimes despite the best kinky intentions something goes wrong.

In this girl’s experience it’s not worth trying to undertake any sort of bdsm activity if either one or both of you is not feeling well. It takes the fun away and it becomes a bit of a chore and a routine rather than something you both love.  Grimly got sick as well as a result of being near her germs and got it worse as only a man can, and unfortunately as she was due to go home she couldn’t stay back as the nurse this time.   Apparently something about giving up smoking makes people more susceptible to infections. He’s doing really well with the no smoking though and has now gone 2 months without having a cigarette.

Of course, sometimes this girl puts extra stress on her body than it needs. Or rather Grimly puts it under stress on her behalf. But it’s fun. The bondage in this recent picture put a lot of strain on her body. Whilst some people might find it easy to get their arms together behind their back, it doesn’t come so naturally to this girl so Grimly has been helping her with exercises to improve that and, which made this position possible. Strict arm bondage, combined with an anal hook and spreader bar. Predicament bondage is always hard on the body, its hard to know what way to move (if its possible to do so) because it might alleviate discomfort on one part of the body to transfer it to another. This girl had wanted to add the nose hook and nipple clamps and labia clamps and chain it all together in ways that would increase the tension and arousal but it turned out what was done was enough…at least at the time….

Perhaps not a good idea to remind him about that?? 😉

4 thoughts on “The spirit is willing…

  1. the one i have is the extreme restraints one link here – its no more uncomfortable than a butt plug i suppose! so its all relative, depends on how much you can take of that type of play, how prepared you are etc etc. Well anyway its not a lot different to a medium sized butt plug, apart from that bondage can add to the predicament and feeling.

    There’s loads of these available on ebay these days unsure if there’s as good quality mind you.

  2. Looks quite relaxing that photo but definately an optical illusion, that is a very hard form of bondage…I get beaten up by Mrs KC if I do this to her anymore !!!

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