Caught on camera

Thank you all for participation in Love our Lurkers yesterday, thisgirl is still to reply to your comments but just quickly a link to a full set of pictures now on Captivekink, go take a look πŸ™‚ these feature the blue armbinder straightjacket, nose hook and suspension. Please feel free to leave comments on the pictures over there, and take a look at the other sets too!

10 thoughts on “Caught on camera

  1. I’m late to post in your love your lurkers posts. I’m sorry about that. I find your attitude amazing. You are perfectly normal although a bit over the top in your love to Grimy except you have a wonderfully playful side.

    THANKS for letting us share!

  2. the nose hook is not painful, unsure i’d go so far to say its comfortable but its fit for purpose put it that way.

    thanks for your comment Iborg πŸ™‚ i’m probably over the top in a lot of things but thats just me!

    KC, thanks for the fanmail πŸ™‚

    Keith, yes it was lots of fun, straight jackets and suspension and bondage all together, whats not to like!

  3. As always, stunning photograph. The nose clamp adds to the sensuality of the scene.

  4. Love the above pic of you. However, ahem… (clears throats a second) the picture that blew us away is in the same set over at CK. If the request line is open, even for a couple of slacker lurkers as we sometimes are, if there was only one pic that we EVER had the chance to see of you, our choice would be #16219. Because you are smiling and happy and… wow. Absolutely jaw dropping.

    Jim and Wendy

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