At the drop of a hat?

The hat in question is apparently illegal in 42 states and has committed many crimes against fashion, decency and taste, yet still Grimly insists on wearing it. Though, it is not as bad as the one Geetwo owns! Luckily, such a hat is not available for sale in the northern hemisphere ! What goes through the heads of Australians that design such things totally beats this girl!

Perhaps it is very unsubmissive and disrespectful of this girl to be mean towards Grimly’s hat. She has done quite a lot to it, hence its sort of twisted shape and dishevelled look. She’s run round pony fields with it, she’s thrown it in trees, sat on it, stood on it, and watched whilst its sat on his head whilst he’s sang men at work. Yes, hard limit lol.

However this is the nature of this girl’s submission, its fun. Grimly does not take himself (or her) too seriously. Seriousness has its place at times but fun is just as important. Being able to have a giggle together and share a joke and good times is an extremely important part of any relationship.

Although, this girl wishes she was better at the submission part of the relationship some times. If she could be submissive at the drop of a hat. Or a click of his fingers. Instantly, without having to think about it so much or without having to protest before actually getting on with it.

This girl still finds the submission part of things hard. Masochism is easy. ‘tie me up. hurt me. let me take it for you’  – it’s a relatively easy thing. Apart for those times when you are maybe not sure whether you want to take it or whether your mind doubts whether your body can. This girl has many of those moments. Most of the time she is playing, actually. Wondering whether this will be the time when it breaks her, when it goes too close to where her edge is, but you know ,that’s all part of the game and the biggest thrill of it all. This girl finds those moments when she’s looking at him wondering whether he’s going to crank things up another level and cause her even more suffering or delightful orgasm the most intense and exhilarating.

Submission is harder.

This girl has always tried to play by the rules in life, yet when it comes to BDSM she quite often feels the instinct to want to break them. Maybe its part of this game of wondering how far she can push him and so therefore how far he will push her. The thing  is – she has known for a very long time that she doesn’t need to do that. She doesn’t need to push. What happens – happens – and if she pisses him off it’ll be harder on her one way or the other. But as she’s said before her character is bloody minded, stubborn and generally a pain in the ass. So why he puts up with her ? Who knows? Oh yes . That love thing . lol

That and he’s too stubborn to give up! Plus both this girl and Grimly know that there will come a point in the future where he will have total control and where she won’t be able to get away with anything at all. Yes ok yeah sure she secretly wants that. Well, not so secretly as it happens.

This girl finds it hard though to be told what to do sometimes. Well especially if it is something she doesn’t want to do at the time. Like especially getting out of bed in a morning to make the first coffee. Snuggles are so much better, what sort of Master wouldn’t like his slave to stay in bed till 11am cuddling him? 😉 Ok , ok one who wants to impress the world with how he can be cruel,twisted and inventive?

Seriously though, joking aside, this girl is not remotely as bad as what she was a few years ago. She just likes to pretend that the brat is still very much alive when actually most of the time its sort of metaphorically tied up in a corner somewhere spaced out to its eyeballs.

Situation normal?

This girl feels good when she actually does what she’s told and obeys him, it feels good to put a smile on his face and feel as though for her the D/s thing can actually work. Its just reminding herself of it sometimes.

perhaps if she doesnt obey the mad hatter will come and do bizarre things to her again !

5 thoughts on “At the drop of a hat?

  1. I wont comment on the hat, I might regret it when I finally get to meet Grimly again if I do lol!

    TG, you brattish, oh surely not lol!

  2. Thisgirl…it looks like you’ve just been captured on the street by slave traders !!!

  3. Wales is a very dangerous place…never know what internationally reknowned sadists you might bump into….sadly all the warning signs are in some sort of gobbledigook langugage!

  4. Not as bad as my hat, eh? Obviously, teeing-off one Dom isn’t enough for you, so I will have to discuss a suitable response with Grimly and come up with a way of reminding you that hats…and hat-wearers…have feelings too and are not to be trifled with………..

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