Maid to dress up?

The pictures are a few taken at this girl and Grimly’s engagement party last year when she was trying out Rubbert’s arms-down straight jacket and then was accosted by people trying to feed her party snacks lol

In the pictures this girl is wearing a pink maid’s dress (yes having to be the maid at her own engagement party – disgraceful eh?) and a red leather straight jacket. The dress is something that Grimly thought would be fun , but this girl has mixed feelings about it because she’s not really that much of a pink person.

The whole dressing up thing is actually something this girl used to think she wasn’t that bothered about. After all, when she first got into BDSM her feelings were mostly masochist ones. ‘I want someone to hurt me’. Of course, that is taking it to a very basic definition – but there it was.

Probably that simple truth is the thing that gets a lot of people started with BDSM. Whether it’s wanting to be hurt or do the hurting. It’s really just a matter of *how* you go about achieving that, and, well, there are quite a lot of ways to explore.

When this girl was with her ex really all she wore for play was lingerie normally. Though he did buy her a corset for the first time she went to a fetish club and a collar and cuffs. That was really the beginning of this girl’s fetish wardrobe. After that she added bits that were appropriate for fetish clubs such as pvc dresses and things like that. This girl doesn’t really go to fetish clubs these days, since she’d much rather play in private, but that was the sort of thing she wore when she went to them years ago and her reason for really buying fetish clothing to begin with – most clubs have a dress code of some sort that has to be adhered to for entry to be allowed.

She also started seeing the attractions of dressing up more when she started doing spanking modelling for Northern Spanking, since most of the scenarios involved costume and role play.  In a big sense having the right outfit aids the ability to get into a character whether it be a nurse or a secretary, or in the case of Grimly’s tastes a robot or a pony, or whatever else he feels like molding this girl into at the time!

Dressing up can be a lot of fun. This girl always enjoyed it when she was little, but back then she wanted to be princesses and fairies and things like that. How sick and twisted!

The first ‘outfit’ this girl bought to wear for Grimly was the red latex top and skirt that’s currently in the header at the top of the page since she knew it would be to his tastes. Rubber is odd in that it can look very good or very bad just dependant on how well made it is and how much it suits the person wearing it.  This girl is lucky in that she’s had a few custom items made by the boot fetishist and so they fit perfectly.

These days the dressing up is part of the game and something this girl has gotten used to being a small or very large part of the session dependent on what is going on.  Sometimes the play makes wearing nothing (or little) the most appropriate option but then of course other times it can be more erotic to be fully clothed or fully encased and bound but with stuff going on despite that.

One of the big advantages of course is quite often catsuits and things like that hide the wobbly bits, and make pictures maybe more attractive and more sexually implicit than if everything was on show.  Of course, there are outfits that are specially designed also to make bdsm and bondage more appealing and more unusual.

Clothes make the man.

Or girl. Or submissive.

Ultimately that’s the thing, Grimly could make her wear anything he wanted her to.

Though….she would draw the line at Celtic* or Rangers* colours! Thankfully thats a hard limit for him too!

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* for none brits – the 2 Glaswegian soccer teams that dominate the sport in Scotland

5 thoughts on “Maid to dress up?

  1. looking fab in that red leather sj!!!! you wear it almost as well as a posey sj

  2. Glad to hear football team colours are a hard limit, they would be for me too lol!

    SJ does look wonderful

  3. i think i prefer the posey too! i like this one though, it’s very comfortable and like a lot of SJ’s it seems to fit everyone, i know at least about half a dozen people who’ve tried it and it suits them all! I think i like the posey as its more authentic, hopefully i’ll get round to getting one some day!

  4. What you wear, don’t wear simply adds to your beauty. Grimly is indeed a lucky man.

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