Ask Grimly

Later this week this girl is going to publish an interview with Grimly.

If anyone has any questions they’d like him to answer leave a comment below or send an email 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ask Grimly

  1. I’m sure I could come up with a few less than serious questions for him, but this is neither the time or the place for that. So…

    On a serious matter,
    At what age did you first show interest/find appeal in being a Master, and a very good one at that I might add.
    Oh, and what did you think about TG the first time you met her?

  2. Have you even been a sub? Would you try it for the experience or is it totally alien to you?

  3. Are any of your devices based off Arduino or other DIY maker friendly products?

    We’ve always wonder how the bra design works – guessing toilet plungers with copper plates inside, connected to a aquarium pump in reverse? (I hope our wild guesses cause a chuckle)

    Some of us geeky lurkers would love to see howto articles, we’re planning a few of our own – particularly of the genre of DIY or affordable toys. Thanks!

  4. its taking longer for me to get the interview together than i’d hoped….if anyone has any more questions theres still time! 🙂

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