‘It’s easy to be brave from a safe distance…’

A quote by Aesop. Sensible chap it would seem.

But sometimes being at a safe distance really does suck. This girl is having one of those weeks where she is hacked off at being in a long distance relationship. The times together with Grimly make it worth it but it is annoying the bits in between. This girl feels really sorry for couples who live even further apart. In the grand scheme of things a couple of hundred miles away is nothing more than a frenzied drive up a really crap road. It could be worse, it could involve flights or ferries and lots of expense. So in a way she is lucky she doesn’t have that, if she wanted to see him that badly and hadn’t any sort of work commitment to stand in her way she could do it in less than four hours. Sometimes a lot less the way she drives! So yes it could be worse. But, reality, work etcetera gets in the way of having fun.

Distance does make submission difficult. That is partly because there is no one here to do things for, and also its easier for this girl to feel as though she can get away with winding him up sometimes because he’s not here to do anything about it. Though, ultimately he doesn’t forget so really it’s not worth the risk. So sometimes its easy to be brave. Sometimes its easy to be dumb!

Of course Grimly will one day do something to sort out this issue. That may be as simple as moving here. He may know as soon as within a few weeks when that might actually be finally able to happen, but then Murphy’s law tells this girl it will be a longer wait than that. Grimly has already made a lot of plans for converting the house into another pocket of pevertery but probably that comes as no surprise.

Now having some knowledge of reality and feeling in her head that its more likely for the wild ravings of her nightmares to come true than the dream of actually living with him and having some sort of normal life, this girl can pretty much divulge to you what is much more likely to happen in her own little version of reality.

Remote control.

Grimly has said for a very long time that he would like to be able to control everything from one place. He is getting there in that the present control panel can control air flow, electrics and suction all in one place and via an umbilical cord to the chair. Eventually that will become more advanced and more remote. Perhaps it might require the assistance at some point from a person with a better knowledge of computer programming but it’s not impossible that one day the electrics, suction, vibrators and breath play and everything else could be controlled by Grimly just pushing a few buttons on his computer whether that be from downstairs or somewhere else completely.

This girl has a complete and utter love for everything technosexual and for that reason the idea of simply being told to go and sit in the chair and wait for it to all happen very definitely turns her on. You know the idea like in horror films and spy films where somebody is sat down and told to make themselves comfortable and then suddenly the restraints clamp down with no one actually touching them and then things start whirring and whizzing and the panic and the fear set in but it’s too late and there is no one there to hear the screams….or is there??

Being controlled by a machine is a bit of a fantasy but a fear as well. A machine would not listen to any pleas for mercy to stop and it might not judge when to escalate things or leave things to simmer correctly, but then with the right programming, maybe it would. But then maybe there is a lesson to be learnt from terminator. Or from I Robot. Giving machines too much human ability is a BAD idea.

Of course, the idea of the machine being controlled by Grimly, the idea of him watching her being tortured at his finger tips knowing that a single move of his mouse or the presses of a few buttons on his keyboard might inflict tremendous pain or earth shattering orgasm is very erotic for this girl.

Yet….something would be lost.

Whilst the idea of being tortured at the hands of an electronic system which might be computer controlled many miles away is very much a turn on the reality is that most definitely the human factor would be missed.

When Grimly is hurting this girl or binding her or doing really whatever the heck it is he wants to do then one of the most magical parts of that is feeling his touch and seeing that demented look on his face.

Yes she would miss that a lot!

5 thoughts on “‘It’s easy to be brave from a safe distance…’

  1. The aspect of remote control is a viable reality now with WIFI and cell phone technology. Remote switches to turn on or off things could be accomplished with things like remotes buried inside a locked chastity, or keeping you confined to your house with a perimeter wireless fence. The locking chair aspect could work , but require safety issues. Having a friend on call or even a sub on premiss might be a way to go whole hog but still play safe. An aspect that might also work for you is the idea that something needs to be locked on in order to have something else be removable or turned off

  2. You, a technosexual, oh surely not lol! From what I’ve heard you’re more likely to end up as the controlled machine lol. And yes, I would be jealous if you did! 😛

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