Mirror mirror on the wall

This girl hasn’t met very many women who are totally comfortable with their looks. Even the ones that are completely stunning, even people who are professional models, even they have things that they don’t like. Maybe their thighs, or their arms or whatever.  Most women have at least one part of their body that they hate.

This girl is no exception to that.

Maybe its how girls are kind of brought up that has something to do with it. There is always so much in the media that says ‘this is how you should look’ and there are so many things that you are supposed to buy to achieve that. Mostly this girl has tried to be her own person and so she went through most of her school years being the plain boring one that no one noticed. Probably in a lot of ways she still is, but you know , this is the part of her life where she can stand out from that a bit and be a bit more expressive.

Even then, even when doing this there are times when she doesn’t feel comfortable with her body. Though, she’s always hated her picture being taken and probably always will it’s just one of those things that’s a bit psychological in that no matter how many people say it looks ok she’ll still think it doesn’t. This isn’t this girl trying to be attention seeking or anything, it’s just saying like it is. She is just another one of millions of women who just isn’t happy with how they look and always worries about how it will turn out when people try to capture it on film.

Though there are quite a lot of times, and especially recently where this girl thinks she looks her most natural and happiest during bondage and kink. Perhaps in a lot of people it brings out a certain sparkle, and exuberance that might not be there in your average holiday snap. Maybe there is something about it that is just natural. Maybe something about capturing the image of people doing exactly what they love brings out the best in them whether it be playing golf or ski-diving or of course, this stuff.

Confidence has a lot to do with it as well. This girl was never a very confident person, and very shy, but this aspect of her life allows her to step out of her shell a bit and enjoy something that she feels she can be good at and have fun with. But what makes her confidence more apparent than it was is because Grimly is behind her instead of someone who used to constantly put her down and that means everything.

Though it’s not just the love of doing it that makes this all happen. It’s also the people behind the scenes. Having the support of a loving partner that makes you feel good about yourself is worth no amount of money. Being able to share this stuff with that one someone special and also at times with friends, leads to happiness and if you feel good you look good for the most part.

The last barn party Grimly and this girl went to was a lot of fun, and they made quite a few new friends including Bound Faith and her partner Drayton. These pictures show Bound Faith in the harness Grimly made recently based on JG Leathers’ Creature. It was different to watch someone else being put into something Grimly had made but it was lots of fun, well you can tell that from the expressions no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall

  1. Well I cant say I’m happy with my looks, but given my age, and everything else, thats hardly surprising!

    You however my dear are gorgeous, and just need to be told that a few more times. Grimly, do your duty lol!

    Keep well both of you, hope to get to see you both sometime in the New Year at least

  2. Steph, Grimly does his duty (and much more besides) perfectly well lol its just me ! 🙂

    hope to see you soon xx

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