Something blue…

The pictures were taken by Captive Kink of this girl wearing his blue armbinder straightjacket aka venus jacket and then she was put into suspension (in this type of jacket it’s quite un-nerving) and finally the nose shackle by Axsmar. The pictures should speak for themselves….

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More importantly though the reason this girl has posted this today is because of the wedding reference.

Around about five and a half years ago a man asked this girl to marry him. Whether he loved her or not she can’t be sure any more. He did it in a very romantic way, spoilt her, took her out for a fancy dinner…had the ring come on a silver tray by the waiter.. Yet, thinking back this girl sometimes wonders how much of that was meant and how much of it was to try and romance her and distract her from having met her true love just a few months before. Because she had, and maybe her ex fiancee could see it.

A lot of people at the time said that proposal five years ago sort of reeked of someone marking their terrority , laying claim to ownership, but it didn’t work since her heart was always supposed to belong to someone else. It took a whole load of mess which is a very long story for this girl to realise it and then tidy up said mess but she was always meant to be with Grimly.

One year ago today Grimly asked this girl to marry him. It wasn’t as fancy a proposal as such, he didn’t have the ring ready so it was a piece of hardware in a box, and it was whilst sitting in a garden beside a greenhouse ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย But the main thing is it was right, whereas the first engagement was never meant to be and it was done in a way that speaks volumes about who Grimly and this girl are whereas a meal in a restaurant is the kind of thing everyone does.

Ok, so there are people out there who say you can be a slave or a submissive or whatever label you want to give it without love, and without being married.

This girl is not one of those people. ย BDSM is something special to share with people whose dreams you care about making come true and that goes hand in hand with the whole love thing. But ultimately, this girl couldn’t share herself so physically and so sexually with someone that she couldn’t share her emotions with as well.

So when he asked her to marry him this time last year, ย she said yes.

But you know, what the fuck else was she going to say with The Creature 20 metres away!

12 thoughts on “Something blue…

  1. MY word you are the first person I’ve seen that actually looks wonderful in the blue binder………looks like it was made to measure !!

    Oh, good on Grimly, the man has excellant taste……even treating you to a session in The Creature !! What a bloke ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. If my memory serves me right not long after you said yes you were put into a red straight jacket by our friends (were they trying to tell us something?) and you ended the day in a vac bed. I’m just an old romantic!

    Love you babes xxxxx


  3. thanks KC but you’re forgetting Elzaline

    Grimly’s right we didnt use the creature that day since there was a party and other things going on that were just as fun! But it was there lurking in the cellar!

  4. This girl is not one of those people. BDSM is something special to share with people whose dreams you care about making come true and that goes hand in hand with the whole love thing.

    That right there. That’s what we nerds like to call an EPIC TRUTH.

  5. Yum, I’m loving the blue armbinder/SJ. Nice bit of kit, that.

    Just out of interest, is it a fair bit comfier than a common or garden monoglove? How long can you stay inside it before your arms go a bit numb?

    Keep up the great work,


  6. i liked it too i’d quite like to buy one but they don’t come up very often its from sub shop and they only seem to list them now and again. There are so many other things i want too not to mention saving for the wedding!

    it’s not really much difference to a normal armbinder though i suppose its not as tight (on me) since the bit the arms go into is wider than the armbinder we have so maybe was a bit more comfortable in that respect. i maybe had it on an hour or so in total but the main reason why it wasnt longer was that the suspension i was in was quite complicated and not meant to be long term.

  7. As far as I know no one sells these anymore. My friend bought it from a place called subshop but that store closed earlier in the year but I think they’d stopped making it about 2 years before ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    If anyone does know where one could be bought i’d like to know too!

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