This girl’s friends’ Alternative Mindsets & Captive Kink recently got together and one of the sets of their adventures is now on Captive Kink‘s site….below is a teaser of their session with the bondage table…. click the picture this links to a full set which is definately worth a look for fans of objectification and forniphilia and such things.

Patience has never been something this girl has been very good at. As a game, it’s okay .and certainly the above way of doing it is much more fun than the more usual solitary version!

But *actual* patience actually being able to behave whilst waiting for something expected or dreamed of to happen is a pain in the bum. Maybe its the old star sign thing. This girl is an aries, stubborn, fiery, yes, impatient.  She gets anxious about things, she worries about things, she worries about things that are going to happen and also about things that should be happening but don’t have definite plans.

Often she wonders whether that sort of turns her into a nag about some things.  Like you know, as a child she was a ‘are we there yet’ type.

Lately, this girl has been feeling very impatient and fed up. It’s mainly the long-distance thing. Ok. Two hundred miles or so isn’t long distance to a lot of people but its enough when you don’t have the time and money to manage it as often as you would like. She’s missing Grimly a lot at the moment. It’s only been a couple of weeks since they had fun together both here and down at the barn party, but, it seems like a very long time away.

Maybe its exasperated a bit at the moment by the fact this girl has so many ideas just now of things she wants to do and things she wants to get and its just a matter of what to do first. That is a good thing though because for a bit at the start of the year this girl was beginning to wonder whether her head was going off it all a bit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! She definately wants this…but now in the present….not days and weeks away in the future. Though, she’d take that *as well as * now. lol

Though maybe she will just need to learn some patience for the time being.

This is one of those things that will get better when Grimly moves here, there’ll be none of that wishing time away and cramming hundreds of stuff into very little time, it’ll be more relaxed, more enjoyable, less pressured. Because there is a pressure to play when you only have certain days to do it. It feels bad then if you’re not in the mood when the day comes. Though, this girl and Grimly have a lot of plans for the next time so not being in the mood for it is not very likely!

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