A story : Part 4

Read part one here, and part two here and part three here though it finished like this :-

It was that moment. Her tormentor came and stood in front of her, taking his hand to her wet cunt and teasing it before taking the labia clamps off, teasing her for what seemed like an eternity, fingering her, and during this moment, Anna felt the most humiliated yet. She had taken the torture and taken the punishment yet this moment of intimacy and cruel invasion in front of everyone just was beginning to be a little too much. He then moved his hands up and toyed with the clamps on her nipples, allowing them to tug and, then  he took her completely by surprise and kissed her most passionately on the lips as he released the clamps at the moment of drawing his mouth away….and turning towards her ear he whispered something…what was it ….it sounded like…’MY…slave’

Anna let out the most almighty scream as the blood rushed back to her body, and found her self back in bed, back in her sleepsack……..and her mistress was awake……

ANNA had no idea how her mistress was going to react to being awoken so loudly. Her scream had felt as though it had been several decibels higher than the loudest alarm clock she could imagine and even louder than a mother shouting a child to get up for school.   She just hoped it wasn’t still the middle of the night, if it was she could guarantee the inflatable butt plug sitting within her would be pumped until her ass was stretched to its limit. She tried to see the bedside clock radio but the restrictions of the sleepsack didn’t allow her to raise her head even remotely enough to see the time.

Her mistress switched on the light. She did not look angry. She looked beautiful.  Anna had never woken up with another woman before and whether it was partly because after the dream she was aroused mentally or because of the bondage her body was on edge physically, but something made it feel as though it was one of the most sexual moments ever. Anna felt very on edge, similar to being on the brink of enjoying the most intense orgasm or enduring the most excruciating pain, she felt as though she was on a knife-edge as she did not know how her mistress was going to react, and yet there was nowhere else she would rather be at that moment.

She tried to stare into her mistress’s eyes to try to get some sort of feeling as to her mood, but it was difficulty to tell what might be going on behind those soulful dark eyes.  Anna started to say ‘sorry for wak…’ but her mistress put her finger on Anna’s lips and said ‘it’s okay, don’t worry if you had a dream that upset you. Your dreams are the least of your worries and i hope gave you something to think about whilst enduring your night of bondage. It’s the morning and time for something else to happen. Though you waking me up like that won’t go forgotten’

With that she kissed Anna passionately on the lips her tongue venturing into the bound girl’s mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever, and Anna hardly noticed as her mistress started unlacing the sleepsack. It felt strange being freed at the same time as clearly still being very captive and she felt slightly cold as the leather of the sack was folded away from her body. She was worried her mistress would smell how horny she was, or that the sack that would be drenched from her wet dream, but there was not at all very much that she could do about it. It was noticed.

Anna felt embarrassed knowing how wet she was, and she felt bad that quite a bit of it was due to the dream she had about the mystery man. Her dream had felt so real, and yet, what was the reality was just as arousing. Yet, different. She heard a beeping noise, and she knew that it must be the sign the time lock on the chastity belt had reached the end of its duration, and her mistress wasted no time in unlocking the oversexed girl. Anna had half expected that the plug would be inflated more, but seeing as although the dream had caused the night-time to shatter it was morning and her mistress seemed to be making the most of the highly sexual predicament, and therefore the plug was carefully removed leaving her ass feeling stretched and open for anything that may happen next.

The mistress motioned for Anna to get up onto all fours facing the headboard of the bed, and then took some bonds and restrained both her wrists and ankles in place, ensuring her knees were spread apart as far as possible . She added a leather waist belt that had d-rings on both the front, the back and the sides and strapped it tightly round Anna’s waist, before tying Anna’s hair into a pony tail with a red ribbon and attaching the end of the ribbon tightly to the back ring of the belt ensuring Anna’s body was stretched and her head held high.  A ball gag was added for good measure and Anna was now totally at the mercy of the woman she had awoken from sleep.

‘I know you’ve been dreaming about a man’ her mistress said, ‘I can tell and I’m not surprised since it’s what you are used to’. Her voice however, did not sound disappointed, and the strict words were accompanied by teasing fingertips on Anna’s body. Her mistress continued ‘but you will find, men can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and that is different for me. I will show how amazing bondage and slavery should be….but first there is only one thing to be done with a slut like you’.

Anna felt the other woman’s body against hers and then felt something penetrating her. Not just her vagina, and not just her ass but both at once. Her mistress had a double strap on. She felt her mistress’s hands hold the waist belt as she invaded Anna relentlessly, her head still held high from the bondage of the ribbon. Anna felt violated and yet amazing, her body able to take the double intrusion due to the preparation of the plug and the night of chastity and sensual dreams. She knew that her body would still undergo much more torture at the hands of her mistress, but if the reward was going to be feeling like this then perhaps it was worth it. She loved the feeling of being used and yet being so sexual, so bound, so on edge. Her body sped towards orgasm, and she wanted to beg to be allowed that special moment of release though all she could manage was a few muffled noises through her ball gag and her mistress continued fucking her, ensuring every part of Anna’s body felt tight on edge and ready to burst. Her body trembled as she felt her orgasm build and she knew that after enduring the night in chastity and then the incredible feeling of the double penetration that she would not be able to hold out much longer. She did not want to risk her mistress becoming upset since she had not yet been punished for the dream, but she could not hold off she could not hold off anymore she could feel the orgasm beginning to wash slower over her she could not hold off any longer….could she?

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