A pain in the neck

Grimly is very much into posture collars. This girl isn’t as much since they are uncomfortable and quite honestly a pain in the neck!  Though she had the opportunity to try a red latex one belonging to Richy @ Captivekink recently. This girl’s Gran always used to say that it is important to watch your posture when you are young and sit up straight as it avoids problems later in life but perhaps this is not quite what she meant…

This of course encouraged Grimly to then buy the black version which is in the pictures below. There isn’t probably a lot this girl can say about posture collars and corsets that the pictures don’t cover in the equivalent of 1000 worth of words but she found this interesting quote :-

“There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees.”

Victor Hugo

Enduring this type of bondage for Grimly makes this girl see a meaning in that which is possibly  slightly different to what the author originally intended. This is bondage that is visually pleasing to Grimly more than it is pleasurable to this girl and as such makes her feel slightly more submissive by doing it if that makes sense . Whilst the physical bondage is restrictive and extreme, there is a more cerebral level there too because it is something that is very visual and enjoyable for him. It makes her feel as though she looks like the sort of submissive he wants, his dress up doll and his toy.  So in a lot of ways she enjoys the feeling that gives as much or probably more than the physical restriction of the bondage.

But its still a bloody pain in the neck!

10 thoughts on “A pain in the neck

  1. Your gran was absolutely right and Grimly’s love of posture collars is only down to his concerns for your health……..(yeah right lol!). xx

  2. As long as it’s fun for both of you! That’s what it really comes down to. Where did you find your hood? I think both it and you are very pretty. Grimly is fortunate 🙂

  3. I’m with Grimly on this…suffer for us Lady but you do look beautiful 🙂

  4. Sue, its Grimly who is the sick one if you hadnt noticed 😉

    Ryan, thanks for your comment. The hood (and catsuit) was made by my friend the bootfetishist (see my blog roll) he makes latex occasionally for people. The neck corset and waist corset are by fancywearusa they come up on ebay from time to time.

    KC, you keep giving me all these compliments yet you are still hiding from me!

  5. “KC, you keep giving me all these compliments yet you are still hiding from me!”

    Last time you and Grimly came near me…I was sleeping in a muddy field with a bloke !!!!
    In fact I was sleeping in another muddy field ( without the bloke !!) last weekend when you were ‘entertaining’ captivekink !!!! Who needs latex and leather bondage when you have ‘muddy field’ syndrome !!!!

  6. you aren’t doing your repudation much good by admitting such things in public!

    We’re down your way (ish) at the weekend for the barn…or with all this rain is there just too much of that mud to splash about in lol

  7. Fab pics Hun. i quite agree with everyone else, you suffer it so well! 😉

    Hope all is good with you.

    So…. still fantasising about me, mmmm? 😉


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