Watching it happen

A few posts back this girl started mentioning the various attachments for Grimly’s dentist chair. In additon to the capabilities for ‘brainwashing’ and hypnotherapy the chair also has a built in entertainment package. Whether that is Grimly’s entertainment or this girl’s is debateable of course! This session continued very soon after her last brainwashing session so as you can imagine her body and mind were both feeling open to the power of suggestion and other things!

The pictures shown show a similar rig up to before – latex, and lots of bondage. The breast cups this time are not electric and ‘only’ suction. Though to this girl the feeling of suction on already electrocuted nipples feels just the same as if they were still being electrocuted anyway.

The mask is a similar idea to the brainwashing mask, or at least, was originally. It was once a similar style gas mask and Grimly has modified it so that the respirator can still be used for breath play and also video goggles have been fitted so that this girl can see whatever media he chooses to input. So far this has mainly been live video of her being tortured herself, though he could play anything AV into there, images from the computer, a dvd, maybe even a previous recording of another session if he so chose or live feed but with a lag. There are lots of possibilities still to be explored. Again, the mask also has a built in microphone so that Grimly can hear what she is communicating via his headset and she has earphones too so that she can hear him. Perhaps it may all seem a bit overkill for playing together in the same room but if it’s possible why not do it? Besides it adds to the fantasy of feeling abandoned and yet with the realisation of being totally monitored and controlled.

On this occasion, Grimly also added the fuck machine attachment. This is the second fuck machine he has made and more portable and versatile than the first one, which was very violent and could really only be used if this girl was strapped to the floor since it’s shaft (the part before the actual vibrator that is) was way too long to be used in any other way. This little fuck machine can be mounted on the chair, on the medical bed and also on the stockade thing he built last year (the post for this is around jan 09 if you’re interested).

So, this set up allowed for this girl to watch herself being fucked. If you can try and imagine looking down the eye piece of the camera then that is exactly what this girl would be seeing through her mask. It is a very odd experience to watch yourself, from the equivalent of another perspective. whether its whilst being fucked by a machine or really whether anything else is happening as well.

It is a very out of body almost hypnotic experience since whilst it feels like you are watching something on the TV and not yourself, you can feel the sensations and know that whilst it feels like being in some strange fantasy world it is actually very real and very here and now.  The video camera can be quite strange in that the zoom features can be used so things aren’t necessarily in proportion either. Imagine feeling as though you are sat in front of a huge tv with a close up of certain parts of your body in front of you which are being cruelly tormented. Maybe for some people that would be like some sort of twisted horror film but for this girl there is the possibility for her head to feel as though it is in a totally different dimension which is a happy orgasmic place.

Watching the fuck machine is a bit hypnotic actually, being mesmerised by staring at the dildo going in and out repeatedly and having to cope with the sight of that together with  the feel of everything else such as the sensations to other parts of the body, the effects of restricting breathing or possibly the added stimulation of poppers. Sometimes when Grimly adds something else to the session such as that or as he goes to change the speed of the fuck machine he lets this girl see it coming to keep her on edge so that she can anticipate just a tiny bit before it happens. Quite often seeing what’s coming puts an odd twist on things because she can either fear it or desire it whilst knowing that it’s going to happen anyway!

The fuck machine is a rather erotic torture because there is something about being fucked by a machine controlled by your partner that is just so amazing. Perhaps for this girl it is knowing that it is a fuck machine Grimly has made and that he can make it go on and on and on and he can choose whether or not to let her orgasm or not since he controls that too.  The machine can go on forever (or until it overheats) whereas there gets to a point where this girl feels as though she cannot orgasm anymore without it being a torment and she will beg him to stop, all the while watching what he is doing, maybe watching his expression and knowing from that there’s no chance that anything is going to happen unless he wants it to.

10 thoughts on “Watching it happen

  1. Wonderfully kinky and overly technically elaborate idea! I wonder what it would be like to be sexually teased, tormented and pleasured one way while watching a video of yourself being teased, tormented and pleasured in a different way from some other occasion. What you’d see wouldn’t sync up with what you were physically experiencing. Sounds fun and possibly disorienting…

  2. I guess with the sensations smell can also be controlled as well. Reminds me of the dentist when you smell something burning, and realize it is you!

  3. Just wait till your “evil master (TM)” manages to synchronize the camera display
    to the fuck machine, but 180 degree out of phase, so you see it going one way as
    you feel it coming the other [Hur Hur]

    You are so lucky !

  4. make videos of this girl being fitted with the equipment and afterwords in action, very exciting, well thought and well made , fantastic work!

  5. Grimly is my hero and I’m absolutely jealous of this girl!

    I’m curious, though, about the video glasses. I’ve been looking for a pair that, ostensibly would be for gaming, but I know it’d be perverted within the day like most of my purchases. The last pair I tried actually made me dizzy. The particular set here, do they work pretty well? What brand are they?

  6. She is so lucky, that mask looks, and sounds amazing, must be an incredible experience. Very, very jealous!

  7. could this help anyone looking for full audio and video (head set ???)

  8. Erotic torture – way to go 🙂

    Never tried one of these machines but I ‘get’ the idea that it adds to your experience that Grimly built it for you and controls it all. What a good chap 😉

  9. Thanks for all the comments guys especially welcome to the new people who have commented 🙂 Sorry for the delay in replying/writing anything new but have had family commitments this last week hopefully something new tomorrow! 🙂

    thanks again for the great feedback ! xxx

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