A story : Part 3

Read part one here, and part two here though it finished like this :-

After she was finished, her Mistress slipped under the sheets next to Anna, still encased in her sack. ‘you had better not wake me” she softly whispered in Anna’s ear, “because each time you do that plug will be inflated, and you know there’s not a thing i can do to take you out of your predicament until the time has passed. So you had better get some sleep and not make a single whisper of noise” with that she kissed Anna again, who, blissed out from her torments, began to fall asleep dreaming of what the morning would bring.

ANNA tried desperately to stay still, but felt incredibly hot and uncomfortable with the heat of the summer’s night and being next to her sleeping mistress made her feel as though she was balancing totally on the brink of somewhere between ecstasy and cruel torture since moving would wake up the slumbering lady and she did not know what the results of that might be.  Whilst it might just be the threat of the butt plug being inflated, it might be more as well.  She didn’t like to think of how much Peter putting her in the chastity belt all night might have annoyed her Mistress, but then, Anna was the only one sleeping uneasily. Her mistress slept soundly beside her and she was sure Peter was fast asleep wherever he was as well.

Even if Anna wanted to move , she couldn’t move very much, being bound in the sleepsack prevented that. She tried to wiggle her fingertips to allow a bit more blood to flow into her hands but that was all the movement she could make with the limitations of the bondage. She could almost reach the cold steel chastity belt with her fingers but it was no use even if she could get that inch nearer towards it her clit and vagina were safely locked away. She was embarrassed at the thought of how she would feel when her mistress noticed the dampness of the sleepsack. Despite the chastity, in fact, possibly, because of the chastity, Anna was very turned on and her juices had trickled down her thighs and soaked the leather.

Her bottom felt very full, another reason for not risking disturbing her bed mate, another pump or two from the little pump which was poking out of the zip in the sleepsack would stretch her to a point that she wasn’t sure she would be able to take. Even the thought of that turned her on too, though, she hoped that she would not have to find out how much her ass could be stretched for her mistress. But perhaps there was no point hoping for or against anything since she not the slightest control over what was going to happen.

Anna tried desperately to relax,and tried not to think about that plug in her bottom, or the cold metal between her legs, or the security of the bondage, and most of all tried not to think about what was going on in the head of the lady sleeping next to her.

She tried thinking about mundane things, about work, about people she knew who lived un-tormented lives, although, was she envious of them? Despite her anxiety over her predicament she probably would not change places with anyone. Except maybe Peter. Damn him! She tried to pretend she was here out of submission for him, but she knew in her heart that she was here because it was so much more her own fantasy than just the mere act of pleasing her Master.

She tried counting sheep. Though strangely, thinking of fields and the countryside did not make her want to think of anything as boring as that. How could she? Bound and tormented as she was. It inspired her head to think up all sorts of scenarios and possibilities of things she yearned for and yet feared.

Finally she drifted off into a half-sleep, and day dreamed that she was somewhere else.

The room was oak panelled  and she could see a gallery of people looking down on her. One person ahead of her, and another to her side. Everyone was impeccably dressed, in black suits, fancy shoes and done up to the nines. She wasn’t. She was wearing a simple white dress, and no shoes. She didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear and she felt conscious of her nipples showing through the cotton of the garment. Anna may as well have been naked, feeling one hundred eyes on her, but most notably the steely grey eyes of the man right in front.

She tried to speak out , to question why she was there but for some reason she was not able to find the words. Finally, he spoke.

“you’ll find you actually know why you’re here” he said, “you are here to be judged for your failings as a submissive. you have been given the opportunity to improve yourself and yet you fidget and wish to be out of your predicament….well , perhaps you shall be given the opportunity if you can endure the alternative”

Anna tried with every ounce of courage to speak up…and finally after a moment’s uncertainty, asked ‘what’s the alternative?’

The judge replied ‘you will be taken outside, in front of everyone, and stripped. You will be bound such that your arms will be stretched above you and your legs spread. You will then be furnished with weighted clamps on your nipples and on your labia, which will also have bells on them which we shall hear ring should you move and try and avoid your punishment. You will then be caned 36 times. No warm up, nothing, you will endure it all. If you scream or protest, or if the bells ring too much you will wake up in reality and so shall your Mistress who will then deal with you I’m sure’.

Anna giggled nervously ‘but you can’t feel pain in dreams, it doesnt matter anyway’

‘how sure are you? ‘ he replied. ‘why don’t we find out? if you’re so sure that you can endure this ordeal without feeling pain and waking up then what have you to be afraid of?’

Anna tried to feel courage, and yet for some reason she knew that she was in hot water what ever way she looked at it. Her body was going to suffer whether it be consciously with her mistress or in the depths of her subconscious here. But then, it was her dream so it was her fantasy…wasn’t it??

Anna let them lead her into the courtyard without a struggle, and tried to hide her embarrassment as the cotton dress was cut from her shoulders and endeavoured not to wince as the weighted clamps with their silver bells were applied compressing her nipples and stretching her labia. Despite the torture, she felt aroused, and felt slightly empowered that she had managed to endure the ordeal this far despite the prying eyes of the crowd, the women in the crowd clearly demonstrating their disgust for the dirty slave girl.

The man who had been her judge was now also to deliver the punishment, she felt for a moment a look of compassion in those grey eyes of his,but mixed with a sadistic sparkle.

He showed her the cane. Dark dragonwood, thick, heavy, unrelenting. It would be severe. He walked behind her and applied the first stroke. Anna felt her legs feel as though they wanted to buckle from her under her from the pain applied to her rear like a line of fire. The weights on the clamps swinging slightly in the breeze. Yet, somehow she managed to stand firm. She managed to stay like that as he applied each stroke. Each one getting harder, each one finding a new area of flesh to pinken. From her bottom right down her thighs, the front of her legs, her breasts, and for the last, had an assistant hold each leg in turn upwards so that he could cane the soles of her feet. The marks were spread out all over her body any part that could be caned had been, and harshly. Yet she had endured that. Despite it being a dream her body raged with the heat of the marks, her labia and nipples aching and in fear of the moment when the clamps would be released allowing the blood to rush back into her body.

It was that moment. Her tormentor came and stood in front of her, taking his hand to her wet cunt and teasing it before taking the labia clamps off, teasing her for what seemed like an eternity, fingering her, and during this moment, Anna felt the most humiliated yet. She had taken the torture and taken the punishment yet this moment of intimacy and cruel invasion in front of everyone just was beginning to be a little too much. He then moved his hands up and toyed with the clamps on her nipples, allowing them to tug and, then  he took her completely by surprise and kissed her most passionately on the lips as he released the clamps at the moment of drawing his mouth away….and turning towards her ear he whispered something…what was it ….it sounded like…’MY…slave’

Anna let out the most almighty scream as the blood rushed back to her body, and found her self back in bed, back in her sleepsack……..and her mistress was awake……

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “A story : Part 3

  1. Very fun story so far; Nice touch adding the dream sequence. Are you drawing from prsonal experience when you describe the challenge of trying to stay quiet whilr bound in a bed next to a dom/me? Looking forward to part 4…

  2. thanks Ollie. It’s perhaps slightly from personal experience though not totally, though i’m just a fidget in general!

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