A brainwashing session

This girl had mentioned in the last post about Grimly’s dentist chair and its various attachments. Recently, Grimly tried out *most* of them on her!

Most chair sessions start with getting dressed up appropriately, sometimes the easiest way to be tortured is to be totally naked but this girl and Grimly asked a friend to design the pictured latex catsuit below to enable access to every part of this girl that Grimly would wish to get to.  The catsuit helps add to the idea of bondage and complete kink and stops this girl worrying about ‘unsightly bits’ being on view! After all, how many women are there that are comfortable with everything being on view and exposed to anyone that might care to look? Not many and this girl isn’t any different.  Though, it becomes entirely different when the level of bondage and pervertery is increased. At least sometimes, and also makes for sexier imagery.

In the pictures this girl is also wearing the studio gum system hood , pvc thigh boots and leather bondage mitts. So, the only bits showing are the areas Grimly wants to torture and titillate. This girl is then strapped into the chair using the wrist, leg and chest restraints. After that, he adds the vaginal and anal electrodes and then wires them up to the electrical attachment points on the chair, and also positions the electro -vac bra under the chest harness just so that this girl’s nipples will receive the full extent of his deviousness. The vac bra can be used either for suction or electrics or both together. This girl doesn’t really like it very much since her tolerance of electrics in that area is much lower than elsewhere on the body but it helps keep her mind clearly focussed in the zone.

Sometimes, to focus her concentration still further he will use the vacuum on her clit to ensure it is swollen and sensitized so that anything he might do to it after will be magnified significantly greater.

Next, he puts the brainwashing mask on her. This is something he made himself out of a dream machine which is a unit that delivers strobe style lights through LEDs at the same pace as the electric pulses and music programmed by the computer, a gas mask and a respirator so that she can breathe through it also (if he lets her 😉 ) Grimly  also normally adds earphones as well so that she can hear him almost as if he’s actually in her head.

This mask is one of the first things Grimly made that really and totally wowed this girl. Since it is something made especially for her fantasy by the man she loves. Around the time he made it, this girl was struggling a lot with accepting submission. Well in fact, to be honest, she still has times like that sometimes. It is a hard thing balancing her natural characteristics which include being independent, stubborn and yeah okay slightly bloody minded with a sexual desire to be controlled, bound and hurt. It’s a lot of cross wires and there are times of course when those all get a bit tangled in her head.

It helps her untangle those wires by being made to feel as though he is inside her head sorting it out and perhaps it might sound ridiculous to you but she feels more comfortable with submission by feeling as though she’s been partly brainwashed into it. When realistically, that fantasy wouldn’t work if it wasn’t what she wanted anyway!

The reason why it works is because for the duration of the session he has her exactly where he wants her and she knows it. This girl is totally bound and has no means of escape unless Grimly allows it.  Her body is sensitized to be totally responsive to anything he does and at a touch of a button he can send pleasurable or painful feelings to any one (or all) of her key erogenous  zones. It is very much like being on a knife-edge not knowing what direction he will go with it and whether in just a split second she will go from being nicely aroused and titillated to being in excruciating pain or being held on the brink of almost unendurable orgasms, all just by a man standing 3 metres away.

Really what makes her feel totally controlled by it is the feeling of everything being in unison.  The electrics and flashes and sounds are all in harmony and so it is like a strobe or wave affect just washing over her, sometimes like a gentle ripple and at other times like a tidal wave. As though because everything that can be controlled is, she feels she is as well.  It’s slightly hard to describe but the effect being in this predicament has is that the mind is almost totally relaxed but the body is working extra vigilantly pushing endorphins and sensations all over the place. It’s at those moments when this girl’s mind is the most susceptible to suggestion. Whilst all this is going on he can speak almost directly into her brain and implant his ideas there. Whether it’ll be that she’ll orgasm to a certain sound from his voice or whether she’ll be transformed into something else by his suggestions that’s up to Grimly.   Sometimes she’s able to acknowledge him being there and sort of almost notices what he’s doing but with everything going on is unable to resist or prevent him from his path. Other times it’s as though he sneaks about in her mind and then sneaks back out again whilst she is ‘enjoying’ the overload of sensations.

This girl is unsure about what all this says about the ‘sort’ of submissive she is, that she sometimes needs to be brainwashed and ‘shocked’ into compliance and control though he enjoys inventing and building all these things so does it matter ??

It feels great to this girl that she has the devious imprint of his demented genius in her head and that at any point, almost like a stepford wife, he could push a button or trigger to enforce his ownership and control of her.

6 thoughts on “A brainwashing session

  1. As long as you dont expect sympathy lol! Jealousy I could manage though, sounds absolutely amazing!

  2. If there is something Grimly can tape and you can post, it would be amazing to see and hear the goings on during one of those sessions. It would also be interesting to see a time lapse from naked to “creature” if he is ever so inclined. In addition by taping a session you could see and hear what you could not see and hear during the session. Tis yours to do as you see fit as always, but I figure a fan can always hope 😉

  3. Grimly is a very clever man to make all your apparaters and to bring you to the edge at a touch of a switch. Do you dress your self or are you helped?

  4. One thing I always enjoy about your photos is the amount of detail. Just like your descriptions of your experiences, the photos always show the hints of who and what you are around the room. The enema bag hanging in the background, things like that… Not being used at that particular moment, yet, it’s something that’s there because it’s part of who you are and part of the routine. It really helps paint the perfect picture when we’re thinking about who you are and what you and Grimly are really all about.

  5. Steph, i never seem to get sympathy from anyone! It’s not fair!

    Tim, maybe one of these days though i think it’s possible we’ll save doing any video to our next collaboration with a certain canadian 🙂

    Keith, yes it’s been mentioned before that he has a bit of genius there LOL lets not inflate his ego too much though 😉 …hmm what a strange question to ask…well it depends on what it is….things that involve lots of bondage and straps he needs to do for me of course….clothes i can manage….lol

    Dr., thanks, i’m glad 🙂 I wonder how close the picture is to the reality! I’d like to think it’s more or less right.

  6. I’m assuming the electrical/vacuum/respiration apparatus are controlled by computer software?

    If so — has Grimly ever considered automating those stimuli? In my mind, I am imagining it would be fairly easy to write a small piece of software (I’m a software engineer, so a bit of a nerd myself) that would basically allow him to create “tracks”..i.e. 3 minutes of pleasurable stimulation, followed by 15 seconds of painful stimulation, followed by whatever else he’d want to do. Tim’s comment really led me down this train of thought, being a somewhat audial person myself — software like this would basically allow Grimly to compose “music” by recording your reactions to the various stimuli. Maybe erotic only to me.

    In any case, I read your blog frequently and really like Grimly’s creations!

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