Master Mind

This girl once had someone ask – ‘so what makes him a deviously dominant madman?’….the next few posts are going to share the answer to that by sharing a few details of some of his most advanced creations….

Grimly’s signature piece is, the dentist chair. The chair he now has is not the original one (which now resides at Geetwo and Maxi’s – see posts from around May time) and has had many modifications since the original idea.  The chair Geetwo and Maxi have has a story to it something along the lines of a local hospital was getting rid of old equipment and so Grimly pretended to be chairperson of an amateur dramatics society to have a reason for wanting to acquire it for a ‘production’.   If this girl had been there at the time she would not have been able to keep a straight face, the thought of Grimly rehearsing in some church hall every Wednesday night would just be so bizarre!

This girl had experienced that original chair when she first visited Grimly. A comfortable bondage device, ensuring not more than an eyelid could be moved, it secured her whilst he tormented her with electrics and the fuck machine just slightly before giving her the first orgasm he inflicted upon here. If, of course inflicted is the right word.  This girl had fought. She had said to him that he would not be able to make her orgasm. She had held out as long as she could…but the bondage, the sensory deprivation, the feeling of not being in control of her own body …just rendered her helpless.

This girl recently discovered a blog that writes about torture and interrogation using some historical fact combined with very erotic fiction. One of the posts summarises the idea of a torture chair quite succinctly.. …

The chair for most is a place of rest, a device for supporting us when we tire and wish no longer to stand. For the victims in prison, the torture chair is in no way a rest, but a device designed for long periods of agonizing interrogation. Designed to assure both immobility and discomfort at all times, the chair has inflicted many horrible hours of agony on many victims.I must make it clear, the torture chair is not an effective means of interrogation by itself. The level of discomfort applied to the victim, while severe, is frequently insufficient by itself. Thus, the chair must be viewed as a supplement, a restraint device used to increase pain and restrain the victim while other forms of torture are applied…… read more click here .”

Here are some pictures of Grimly’s current ‘torture chair’ :-

The chair was acquired on ebay some time ago, and then Grimly updated any poor parts of leather on it, and then gradually added the restraints. The restraints over a period of time have changed a little, but the basic idea is that every part of the body can be restrained. Recently, Grimly changed the chest harness after being inspired by JG Leathers’ ‘the creature’ so that breast suction cups could be held in place more rigidly. The legs of the chair can either be down in the sitting position or horizontally, or, legs can be restrained in the stirrups if wanting more ‘access’. The chair also reclines and can be height adjustable, ensuring that the incumbant is completely comfortable until Grimly decides to add the entertainment. Whether that’s the occupant’s entertainment or his own is extremely debateable!

Of course, it’s not just bondage. The chair also has electrical sockets which can be seen in the side view pictures, which enables the chair to be a little bit away from the control panel containing the ET312’s (electrical boxes) and vacuum controls . Sort of an extension of sorts, and to be aesthetically unusual. In addition to this, the silver cables deliver air which can be used for the vacuum and also some of the cables are connected to an oxygen cannister so that oxygen can be fed via the various masks that can be used.

The little red clamp on the left hand side of the chair can be used to hold a vibrator in ‘just the right place’ whereas the attachment on the centre of the chair can either fit the fuck machine or an electrical dildo.

The idea is that everything can be controlled from a panel a few metres away – the electrics, breathing, suction. Everything. Ideally, steps for the future may involve somehow making it remote controllable so that it can either be controlled from the PC downstairs or from a computer anywhere elsewhere in the world. How far Grimly is from achieving that well, this girl can’t let out all of his secrets can she??

In any case, the chair is very effective just as it is, and the next few posts will explain its use in a lot more detail. This girl’s technical description may not be great but perhaps Grimly will fill in the blanks if you have any questions!

But before this girl goes on…are you sitting comfortably???

2 thoughts on “Master Mind

  1. Would love to sit ‘comfortably’ in that chair, it sounds truly amazing. Someone is lucky to have such an engineering genius at hand.

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