This girl still struggles with that whole sub space thing. It’s a bit hit and miss. Over involved bondage can sometimes be the very thing that does it , tipping her right over the edge, or other times the same thing might keep her so interested and so feeling like she needs to hang on every stimuli to experience it all that it just won’t happen as the need to be alert and awake to it stops that happening.

Though she’s always had this problem. If it is indeed a problem, it might not be.

This girl used to be jealous of a sub she played with who would space almost instantly from being blindfolded or hooded. It was like that one action could transport him somewhere else right away. This girl can’t decide whether she’d like that ability, or whether it’s just too easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word, but maybe there just should be more to it than that. But as always what works for one doesn’t really always necessary work for another. It’s always seems easier for other people. You see them. Sat around fetish clubs sometimes , with that blissed out look often with a blanket round them almost representing some sort of trophy for being able to achieve that altered state. This girl doesn’t mean that in necessarily a bitter way, but anyone that has been to a fetish club will have come across the sort of post play chic that she means.

Maybe this girl just needs another trigger. A way of being able to go deeper into her head space straight away. Grimly has been able to successfully implant an orgasm trigger into her head so why not something that can make her go into a hypnotic trance/ sub space. Though this girl doesn’t know enough about hypnotism to know if that would work. Besides ,when she does experience that zone it’s because the sensations have just been the right thing (or the right combination of things) at the right time…maybe it  wouldn’t be the same if it was instant. Maybe if he could just switch channels in her head like that maybe it wouldn’t be as much of an achievement to get her to that zone each time, but then maybe it would, maybe it would be even more intense if she knew that no matter how alert she tried to be,  how much she tried to hang on each tingle that he would push her there until he was ready to take her back out again. He might put her into that zone at the start of the session, or part way through, that would possibly still be controllable. Of course, he could probably still go a lot further with that idea with  the brainwashing mask and a whole course of electrotherapy whilst trying to whisper things into her mind. He’s often very effective at that!

This girl still doesn’t fully understand how the orgasm trigger got there. She doesn’t want to fully understand it since it would spoil the magic of it. Yes, the power of suggestion, of a thought being put in her head, but it must have been a thought she’d wanted or her mind would have shut it out. Wouldn’t it??

Would this be the same. If she can believe that he can do it,and if he then delivers a few intense sessions to enable him to open a big enough window in her head to whisper through will it work? Would he then be able to get her head to go wherever he wanted?

When this girl spaces or flies, it feels like spinning out of control. It feels as though any sensation is magnified. She becomes quiet, and distant. Sometimes that has freaked him out. Would it freak him out more if he were in more control of it? If the zombie in front of him was  one of his own creations?

Maybe spacing is not everything. Sometimes it is good to feel more,for the body not to give in and for the endorphins not to combat the pain. Sometimes its better to feel it. It’s good really to be able to experience it both ways.

It’s funny because after writing the post about dreams yesterday this girl dreamt about being on a plane – the wrong plane. In the dream, she’d got on a plane to New York without her passport when she was supposed to be going to France on a different plane on an entirely different date. She was sat on the plane worrying about immigration when the stress of the situation woke her up. Maybe in that instance flying was not for her! Now this as yet another example of dreams not really making sense.

Sometimes though flying is for her. Sometimes it happens, so intensely that it does feel as though she is transported to some other place. Some other world. The more time she spends as Grimly’s the more able she is able to relax and cope with all the stressful situations he puts her in, so perhaps each time it will get just a bit deeper and a bit nearer to where she wants this to go. Let’s just not tell him that she means for it to go in the direction of total control turning her into a puppet or a toy that he can make feel the pain or ride it. Just dependant on his mood.

some more pictures of a recent visit from Alternative Mindsets.wing this girl wearing the new harness he made which has been found to work quite effectively with horizontal suspension , allowing her to descend on her victim….pretty close to flying of sorts though..

2 thoughts on “Flying

  1. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall watching this amazing ‘flying session’ !!

    What a great bondage couple you and grimly are 🙂

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