There are very few ideas out there that are completely original. Though, maybe it would be nice to think this girl and Grimly have some of them! Though of course, like anyone else Grimly and this girl are inspired by other people and other art.

This girl wrote a post about inspirations before. Here.

Part of what she said related to obtaining ideas from medieval torture fantasies :-

This girl wouldn’t say she is inspired by torture in its own original raw state, because just like the next person she would not wish any cruelty or suffering on anyone who was not enjoying it and certainly does not agree with injuring or killing people in the name of ‘justice’or revenge, or just because.

Its the invention that is the inspiration. The idea. Not the original practice, but the potential of what it could become. Inventions that have been created for good have always had the potential to be used for harm so why cannot the reverse be true, and this girl admits to being turned on by pain by torment by fear – her own though of course.

Whilst traditional ‘medieval torture’ is one of this girl’s inspirations there are many others. Historical interrogations, Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure stories. All sorts of things. Anything that involves a routine similar to capture – bondage – suffering – altered state (orgasm ? 😉 )  – release, or better, sustained torment and possession. Loads of things fit this process going right back to innocent games such as cowboys and indians or cops and robbers or the notions of things like alien abduction and maybe some bond films. Loads of good films fit this idea. But why does the calvary/rescuer/hero always have to turn up? Why can’t the villain win?

Ok, that is sort of simplifying it a bit but that is the basis for a lot of this girl’s fantasies and inspirations.

These days though the biggest inspiration is other people. Especially people this girl and Grimly have met, or would like to meet. Though, sometimes trying to ‘keep up’ with the standard your friends are setting can be harder than anything else. Maybe that’s a good thing. But this girl and Grimly do what they can with his spare room and a workshop you couldn’t swing a cat in! 😉

That is a lot of the fun though, watching him create something from scraps and bits of junk and things bought from forays to B&Q and this girl is certain Grimly loves the inventing and creating process as much as he loves actually playing. He must since he’s spent the last three weeks doing nothing else!

It’s interesting too to see samples of what other peoples’ inspirations are. JG Leathers is great in sharing his. His website is like a library of kink between the rogues galleries and the collections of art and imagery. Some people just collect porn and dull porn at that. This girl’s ex used to collect images of people from Alt and catalogued ‘hot girls’ based on their location and fuckability, like a sort of holiday brochure. Just one of those other things that added to this girl’s insecurity at the time of feeling like he wanted to play with anyone but her. But no, JG’s site is full of ideas, that inspire, rather than just loads of images of yet more bondage totty.

Recently this girl has been going through the art section and came across this little image by EmmaS…

Here is this girl’s version, different in a sense in that she wore a catsuit instead of a corset, but the idea is the same. Also, she lacked someone being in the room dressed as the devil with a big stick. But then, Grimly doesn’t really need to dress up like Satan to act the part! It was a very effective position actually, because when he started using the vibrators on her clit and her body moved with that and the electrics it pulled the chain tighter and tighter till that horrible moment when the clamps are removed…

yeah….he doesn’t need any help in being a devil that’s for sure! 😉

4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. “Why can’t the villain win ?”
    What are you complaining about Girl?
    Grimly has GOT you for keeps hasn’t he ?

    When is the wedding , by the way ?

  2. do you call that winning ? LOL

    i call that being cursed 😉

    i wont be posting any details on my blog about the wedding arrangements since it’s a private family matter not something for a bdsm weblog . sorry.

  3. Privacy understood – please tell the month, when chosen, so i can
    pass on a wish that that is treasured in my own marriage.

  4. it is lovely to see Your inspirations 🙂 and this is real inspiration for us as well – i mean pics of Your treatment -, hope one day we’ll show You our rubberised pics – maybe it will be also some kind of inspiration for U.

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