This girl has had an interrogation fantasy for a long time. Possibly it can go all the way back to being linked with what (with hindsight) can be seen as her earliest thoughts connected with BDSM . It’s what she remembers first – being aroused by old films with that sort of scene…

There is that thing about being physically tortured into revealing some piece of information about something or more emotionally about someone close to you that is quite erotic.ย  Of course there is the heroism as well of being able to withstand the torture no matter what. Of being close to emotionally and mentally beaten and yet not quite broken.

This girl remembers having a book similar to the horrible histories series that are around now, and it had a small section about torture. It said that torture could be used to interrogate, to find out unknown information, or to force confession of crime whether it had actually been committed by the person or not. The book specifically said that torture for fun should be forbidden. Possibly, Grimly got that whole bit confused when he learned how to be a torturer and evil bastard!

Although Grimly has tortured this girl on umpteen occasions and pushed her body and mind right to the edge he has never used interrogation alongside the physical techniques he employs. For a start, there isn’t anything he needs to know.

Grimly knows everything important about this girl that he could want to. He knows her deepest secrets, her darkest fantasies. This girl can’t think of a single thing that she would be afraid of him finding out enough that she would allow anything at all to happen to her body before admitting. There are perhaps a few insignificant things that he doesn’t know that he could try to find out, or in contrast he could torture her into admitting one of those hundreds of things she doesn’t want to admit it – for example, he could force her to admit she loves chastity and wants a week in the belt and then lock her away at the end of the torture since she would only then be able to blame herself.

But even then, what spoils it is that he really knows her too well. He knows every inch of her, he knows what she likes, what she doesn’t. He can make her orgasm with a click of his fingers over and over till her body can’t take anymore. He knows what to threaten her with to make her obey if she was showing any signs of not. In fact, sorry no, that doesn’t spoil things at all!

So because of that it makes the idea of interrogation more like an elaborate roleplay, he uses the skills he has to draw the torture out make it severe enough to be right on the edge but not so severe the session ends too quickly. Though her relenting to his questions, or admitting to his desires is almost in a way giving up. Her mind would not let her body do that easily. This is part of the problem of being a masochist, wanting more and more, being afraid of not being able to take it. Of being a failure.

The problem with it as a role play though is if she can keep it going by not giving in to what he wants, she’s placed partly in control of what happens, and that sort of conflicts with the whole point since she doesn’t want to be the one in any control of what happens. Or does it? Since, giving in to the torture or admitting something may lead to some whole other consequence that she won’t have any control over at all.

This is part of the reason why this girl doesn’t play with other people often. It is because she always encourages for more, to push. When sheย  used to be a pro sub it was a bit like that, regular clients got to know it. There was one particular guy who wanted to get her to cry and yet she did not allow it, she took more and more of a beating until she needed the release of it either stopping or crying, some sort of emotional release to make it go away. But she did not want him to win. It’s different with Grimly of course because he’s won already and he always will and he knows it.

That doesn’t stop her though from sometimes wanting to fight back, to be the heroine, to suffer and writhe and scream until he stops it and makes it all better again with a kiss. The best kisses are those when her body is still having aftershocks from what he’s done to it.

This girl found the infernal restraints image below today. Possibly a good position for interrogation and torture, being forced to kneel until the legs ache, breasts tortured, vagina exposed and titillated. Then why not some breath play too?

Maybe if this girl asks nicely Grimly will make something like this, it might be fun to take to the barn….but then if that happens this girl might be tempted to use it on a flame haired young lady instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. Great blog I can relate to much of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    You said that there isnโ€™t anything Grimly needs to know and am sure K can understand that as one time his question during my interrogation was what was his grandfather’s middle name! So unfair lol!

  2. Love the post but I cannot see the image – can you post it with a link to the original please?

  3. pic should work now, i’d uploaded it twice, and then instead of deleting the one which was spare i’d deleted the one i’d used in the post. Should be the right attachment now

    thanks for the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks thisgirl for the quick response. The image now works.

    I have often wondered how someone can stay in a posture (not just because they have no option) such as this for any length of time as my knees ache just crouching for a few seconds, never mind everything else that is going on. I guess it is more about the state of mind you are in than the physical discomfort.

  5. Having seen Grimly’s great craftmanship and his marvelous creations I would be carefull what you wish for…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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