Slightly fucked up

This girl has been suspended upside down a few times. The first time she was very cagey about it and very nervous of falling on her head! But, the equipment Grimly has designed to support her is very  safe and so now she is comfortable with it and can stay like that a reasonable amount of time.

The only problem with being suspended this way round is that it’s very limited as to what can be done once suspended. Electrics don’t seem to feel right, maybe its the blood rushing the wrong way up, but they don’t. However, Grimly, not one to be discouraged, managed to find a scenario that worked very well indeed!

He used the dildo on an impaling stick and the eroscillator. This girl was totally covered in her zentai except for her cunt so was sexually very much at his mercy.  Maybe the fact that Grimly and this girl had done a lot of other bondage things leading up to this happening, but something made it very effective.  The intensity of the sensations from the eroscillator forced this girl’s body to convulse upwards forcing her body to impale itself more. YES the eroscillator is worth the money. Or at least, its worth the money if you have a Grimly to have alongside it 😉

Before this girl met Grimly she always felt that BDSM could be fulfilling without being overtly sexual. Though this latest escapade proves yet again to her that its best when it is!  This girl can get a lot of satisfaction from pain for its own sake and from being pushed to the edge by a variety of sensations whether it be from electrics or from corporal punishment or even just from the stress of the bondage itself. However, combining all that (at least sometimes) with either sexual frustration or sexual overload is even more magical. Perhaps not necessarily every time, but at least sometimes.

It feels right because the person doing all these indecent fucked up things to this girl is her lover. Maybe some of it would still be erotic if it was a stranger in that there would be added humiliation aspect, but no, this sort of thing is special because it’s him.

Ok so some peoples thing might be to have sex with the lights off, but then there are people who are fucked up more than you can imagine 😉

4 thoughts on “Slightly fucked up

  1. no too much else going on. Though if it gets too intense then it does feel a bit funny, luckily its something we can get out of pretty quickly though 🙂

  2. I love your description of combining the pain thingys such as electro, corporal, and bondage ideally with the sexual stimulation from someone you love/lust with :))….has always been my ideal fantasy also since those puberty years.

    If i may ask, how long have you been inverted for?….seems like the max time for most is 20 minutes or so.

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